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n. The act and skills of presenting stories and tales.


Storytelling is the social and culture activity of conveying stories in words, sounds, and/or images, often by improvisation, theatrics, or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation and instilling moral values. Crucial elements of stories and storytelling include plot, characters and narrative point of view. The term 'storytelling' is used in a narrow sense to refer specifically to oral storytelling and also in a looser sense to refer to techniques used in other media to unfold or disclose the narrative of a story.

Storytelling (Belle and Sebastian album)

Storytelling is the fifth studio album by Scottish indie pop band Belle and Sebastian. It is the score to the Todd Solondz movie Storytelling. Belle and Sebastian experienced many notable problems in communication with Solondz whilst scoring the film, and as such only about six minutes of music by them was actually used in the movie itself. The album contains five tracks that are recorded dialogues. The instrumental track "Fuck This Shit" uses the prosody of the title phrase in a number of different keys to but never the words themselves.

Storytelling (film)

Storytelling is a 2001 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Todd Solondz. It features original music by Belle & Sebastian, later compiled on an album of the same name. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival.

Storytelling (disambiguation)

Storytelling is the art of portraying real or fictitious events in words, images, and sounds.

Storytelling may also refer to:

  • Storytelling (film), a 2001 film directed by Todd Solondz featuring original music by Belle & Sebastian
  • Storytelling (Belle & Sebastian album), an album by Belle & Sebastian, soundtrack to the film
  • Storytelling (Jean-Luc Ponty album), an album by jazz-fusion artist Jean-Luc Ponty
  • Storytelling System, a role-playing game system
Storytelling (Jean-Luc Ponty album)

Storytelling is an album by French Jazz-Fusion artist Jean-Luc Ponty, released in 1989. It is his second album on the Columbia label.

Usage examples of "storytelling".

You improve your storytelling by discovering and nurturing the characters, by letting them grow.

But for the stories by Broderick, Dedman, Love and a few others, the stories in Alien Shores share a sort of naive exuberance and unself-conscious straight-ahead storytelling that most of the Canadian pieces shunned -- the kind of straight-faced nonliterary audacity that characterizes the sf of the Golden Age.

Katanji pulled a face, left off his storytelling, and came down to join the sutra session.

Deep Waters, her last triumphant New York N Times bestseller, brimmed with excitement, great characters, and sheer storytelling genius.

Whether one defines pulp fiction as stories originating in the erstwhile magazines printed on pulp paper, or a tradition of storytelling whose roots lie in hardboiled fiction populated by tough guys, cops, villains and femmes fatales of the parish, there is no denying that they are invariably stories where action and thrills are paramount and the reader is trapped in a whirlwind of adventure and suspense.

Since the time when storytelling began, probably back in the Ice Ages, people have developed workable, usable, successful techniques for telling their tales.

Our basic neural wiring has not changed, so the techniques of storytelling, of putting information into that human neural wiring, are basically unchanged.

Seeing Ranec gave him an idea of a way to ease tensions and get back to storytelling.

Oh, the Chieftess claims she is approaching two hundred years old and that her youth is restored by the tree via the ceremony we will see tonight, but how much is true and how much just sensational storytelling remains to be seen.

Although, chronologically, this may be the first time a Starfleet crew has manned such a ship, Zimmerman explains, “In the case of Star Trek, it’s a special kind of vehicle—no pun intended—for storytelling because it has such a rich history.

They had a fire going most of the time in the middle of the circle, which served as a center for their daytime activities: music, dance, tumbling, athletic competition, and storytelling (which seemed to be a kind of fanciful history combined with moral instruction).

Melville's narrative was born of a cynicism so profound and twisted his storytelling makes Kafka seem a bliss ninny in comparison.

It's the classical Japanese form of storytelling, with the performers using their appearance and movements to suggest the essence of a tale.

In storytelling, nothing is a given, the astonishing becomes commonplace, and one learns to expect the unexpected.

Or we can fall back upon our experience and strive for a synthesis-a form of science fiction which combines good storytelling with the technological sensitivity of the forties, the sociological concerns of the fifties, and the attention to better writing and improved characterization which came out of the sixties.