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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Stee \Stee\ (st[=e]), n. [Cf. G. stiege. [root]164. See Stair.] A ladder. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.] [Written also stey.]


n. (alternative form of stee English)

Usage examples of "stey".

They tell ays ah should stey oan, they say thit ah could be good if ah applied rnasel mair.

Ye wir perfectly welcome tae stey at mine, wi nae strings attached, he told Kathryn.

Aw Lloyd, man, stey here n spraff a bit, Ally says, his pupils getting blacker but his lids getting heavier.

I mean it goes way back, like playing doctor with that little prick Bobbie Steyner they said only had one ball?