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state bank

n. a bank chartered by a state rather than by the federal government

State bank

A state bank is generally a financial institution that is chartered by a state. It differs from a reserve bank in that it does not necessarily control monetary policy (indeed, the state in question may have no legal capacity to create monetary policy), but instead usually offers only retail and commercial services.

A state bank that has been in operation for five years or less is called a de novo bank.

Usage examples of "state bank".

I had placed it in the Missouri Savings Bank in 1899, when we married and settled in Kansas City, by a draft on the First State Bank of Butler (the booming metropolis of Thebes had no banks), where Father had helped me to open a savings account when we carne back from Chicago.

A deposit of over two thousand dollars, in the name of the Milagro Land and Water Protection Association, was made in the Dona Luz branch of Jim Hirsshorn's and Ladd De-vine's First State Bank.

The half-ruined Farmers' Bank was locked to the public and Jerry Luckstone and a state bank examiner had been inside there since noon.

With six of the casino's sheriffs around us we went straight to their casino's office of the Lucky Strike State Bank and deposited it.

The Russians don't need any help from their state bank in order to invade Afghanistan.

She did have a safe-deposit box at the Longstreet State Bank, but Bobby went into the bank records and found that she visited the box only once or twice a year.

Stock deposits, seal, and account books can be found at the Michigan State Bank, box number 45219 XC, combination number .

We have a shopping centre, cafeteria, post exchange, eight snack bars, a hospital complete with operating room, a dentist's office, a branch of the State Bank of Laurel, a dry-cleaning shop, a shoe shop, a barber shop, and a few other odds and ends.

It was clear that I would have to remove some money from the State Bank &amp.