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reserve bank

n. 1 (context Australia India New Zealand South Africa and other countries English) A central bank. 2 (context US English) A regional bank operating under and implementing the policies of the Federal Reserve.

reserve bank

n. one of 12 regional banks that monitor and act as depositories for banks in their region [syn: Federal Reserve Bank]

Reserve Bank

A reserve bank is a public institution that manages a state's currency, money supply, and interest rates.

Reserve Bank may also refer to:

  • Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Reserve Bank of Fiji
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Reserve Bank of New Zealand
  • South African Reserve Bank
  • Federal Reserve of the United States
  • Reserve Bank of Vietnam

Usage examples of "reserve bank".

Anyway, the Federal Reserve Bank here had a rather large supply of it.

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank had been on all the morning talk shows, which had to have kept his driver busy in D.

Each displayed a crisp new five-dollar bill on the outer sides and was bound with genuine blue and white Federal Reserve Bank wrappers.

David had sought Reserve Bank authority to have these bars struck by the South African mint, and at almost thirty dollars each they had been a major part of the advertising budget, but the excitement they created and the subsequent publicity fully justified the expense.

The fastest way to get the money is from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York or Boston, but we don't want to stir up that hornet's nest, which means we try going to the commercial and private banks, which will take time.

A man named Atherton Richards, a banker on the fringes of the Disriples, would pick up the gold at the Federal Reserve Bank in Manhattan, transport it by Brink's armored cars to the Navy base in Brooklyn, and load it on a U.

The Federal Reserve or a member of the Federal Reserve, including any Federal Reserve Bank.

Soheila Aboujib, a grin gleaming on her dark face, her ears and fingers aglitter with her reserve bank account, laughed, elbowed Meg in the ribs and said, “.

Wister robbing the Federal Reserve Bank had been the least of his PR projections.

They are the Federal Mint in Washington, the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City, and Fort Knox in Kentucky.

But if Waterhouse were to find a real Australian ten-pound note and read the fine print, it would also probably bear the imprimatur of a reserve bank somewhere.