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star system

n. 1 (context star English) A group of stars (and possibly smaller bodies such as planets or asteroids) that orbit one another. 2 (context film English) A method of creating, promoting and exploiting movie stars in cinema, emphasizing on their images rather than acting.

Star system (filmmaking)

The star system was the method of creating, promoting and exploiting stars in Hollywood films. Movie studios would select promising young actors and glamorise and create personas for them, often inventing new names and even new backgrounds. Examples of stars who went through the star system include Cary Grant (born Archie Leach), Joan Crawford (born Lucille Fay LeSueur), and Rock Hudson (born Roy Harold Scherer, Jr.)

The star system put an emphasis on the image rather than the acting, although discreet acting, voice, and dancing lessons were a common part of the regimen. Women were expected to behave like ladies, and were never to leave the house without makeup and stylish clothes. Men were expected to be seen in public as gentlemen. Morality clauses were a common part of actors' studio contracts.

Just as studio executives, public relations staffs, and agents worked together with the actor to create a star persona, so they would work together to cover up incidents or lifestyles that would damage the star's public image. It was common, for example, to arrange sham dates between single (male) stars and starlets to generate publicity. Tabloids and gossip columnists would be tipped off, and photographers would appear to capture the romantic moment. At the same time, a star's drug use (such as Robert Mitchum's arrest for marijuana possession), drinking problems, divorce, or adultery would be covered up with hush money for witnesses or promises of exclusive stories (or the withholding of future stories) to gossip columnists.

Usage examples of "star system".

It consists of one barely habitable inhabited planet, dozens of lifeless star systems, some fluky subspace readings that are probably just instrumentation errors, and about sixty-six thousand cubic parsecs of otherwise extraordinarily uninteresting space.

It had been sent to this star system to adapt the destructive power of the black hole to the martial ambitions of the Emperor.

As the white dwarf plunged toward the center of the star system, it and its companion would rise closer and closer to the same time, until they rose together and burned the heavens.

Four ships to one Federation vessel, a destroyed star system all around them.

Fisher realize he was looking at a binary star system locked in a gravitational dance.

But those remnants are decaying fast in the strong magnetic field of that binary star system out there.

Any one of these can lead to this entire star system being irradi-ated and will result in the instant death of you, us, and anyone else in the immediate vicinity.

You have only two fighting ships to protect an entire star system under a siege.

The fact that a Breen Klingon battle had occurred in this star system during the Dominion War was precisely why Klag chose the locale.

Every single vessel they attacked, including this one, had either visited this star system or had it on their itinerary before they were attacked.

That meant one of two things: Either his host had evolved in a much different star system than this one, or his race had died out before this sun had begun to dim.

Kirk could see she had territory patches from dozens of star systems on the sleeves of her flight jacket.

Overmind really wanted was to spread itself out across the reaches of the galaxy, dispersing its members to different star systems so that it could grow.

It hid in the dark void of space between star systems and would not be easy to locate unless one already knew where to look.

The Unclean swept across the vast expanse of space, across the 217 million star systems known mapped, and held in heaven by the Furies.