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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Exotic crimson flowers and birds poked their pistils and stamens and bills every which way up and down her torso.
▪ Grouped around the eggs are many stamens producing pollen.
▪ Inside this gelatine umbrella, a stamen lurks, an apple core of a motor.
▪ No details of the stamens are present in the fossil state.
▪ Rich red flowers with bright orange stamens are produced in abundance.
▪ The plants produce bisexual flowers and, unlike Sagittaria, have anthers and stamens in each flower.
▪ These branch in their upper parts, and each division bears a small, round green flower head with white stamens.
▪ White flowers with yellow stamens and a fragrance reminiscent of a freshly opened packet of tea.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Stamen \Sta"men\ (st[=a]"m[e^]n), n.; pl. E. Stamens (-m[e^]nz) (used only in the second sense); L. Stamina (st[a^]m"[i^]*n[.a]) (in the first sense). [L. stamen the warp, a thread, fiber, akin to Gr. sth`mwn the warp, fr. 'ista`nai to stand, akin to E. stand. See Stand, and cf. Stamin, Stamina.]

  1. A thread; especially, a warp thread.

  2. (pl. Stamens, rarely Stamina.) (Bot.) The male organ of flowers for secreting and furnishing the pollen or fecundating dust. It consists of the anther and filament.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"pollen-bearing organ of a flower," 1660s, from Modern Latin (1625, Spigelus), from Latin stamen "stamen" (Pliny), literally "foundation in weaving, thread of the warp" in the upright loom (related to stare "to stand"), from PIE *sta-men- (cognates: Greek stemon "warp," also used by Hesychius for some part of a plant, Gothic stoma, Sanskrit sthaman "place," also "strength"), from root *sta- "to stand" (see stet). The usual English plural is stamens because of the special use of the classical plural, stamina.


n. (context botany English) In flowering plants, the structure in a flower that produces pollen, typically consisting of an anther and a filament.

  1. n. the male reproductive organ of a flower

  2. [also: stamina (pl)]


The stamen ( plural stamina or stamens) is the pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower.

Usage examples of "stamen".

Then Brat eased the pressure momentarily, and Clint, taking it for granted that a falling back so near the post argued failing stamina, was glad that he would not have to ask his mount for the last ounce and relaxed a little.

For the center wrap a piece of tie wire around several yellow rose stamens which may be bought at a millinery store, leaving the ends of wire five or six inches long.

When I first saw them, I was certain they were trumpet flowers, for they had the characteristic bell-shaped perianth with delicate stamen projecting slightly from the cup.

Jesuits in seventeenth-century Spain, never recognized by Rome nor even by the Society, but persisting with grace and stamina there in California for hundreds of years the place had acquired extensions and outbuildings, got wired and rewired, plumbed and replumbed, until a series of bad investments had forced what was left of the sodality to put it up for rent and disperse to cheaper housing, though they continued to market the world-famous cucumber brandy bearing their name.

Franklin Reynolds, of this town, crossed the Cannon-Ball Cabbage on the Schweinfurt Quintal, by carefully transferring the pollen of the former on the latter, the stamens having first been removed, and immediately tying muslin around the impregnated blossoms to keep away all insects.

I remember, a particularly charming plant, androgynous, you can see a lot of stamens and pistils, an androecium and a gynaeceum, if I remember rightly.

Many organs, when touched, bend in one fixed direction, such as the stamens of Berberis, the lobes of Dionaea, etc.

If Malik escapes now, will Silvercloud have the stamina to catch him again?

While it was true he had more power and stamina in his felidae form, he was worn out both mentally as well as spiritually, and his physical strength was waning.

Those flowers, also, which had their stamens and pistils placed, in relation to the size and habits of the particular insects which visited them, so as to favour in any degree the transportal of their pollen from flower to flower, would likewise be favoured or selected.

To live longer and best protect your joints from the onslaught of impact, the best stamina workouts you can do are swimming, rowing, cycling, and exercising on an elliptical machine.

Taking one of the flowers from the bunch, Asenath, as they slowly walked forward, proceeded to dissect it, explained the mysteries of stamens and pistils, pollen, petals, and calyx, and, by the time they had reached the village, had succeeded in giving him a general idea of the Linnaean system of classification.

Beauty walked on opened fiat, their golden stamens showing in the centre of but a dozen or so gracefully curved petals which were pink-tipped and cream-hearted .

This patient has recuperated from his zombi trance, entirely through his own stamina.

There were male customers, married heterosexual men, who sometimes dreamed of making love to women who possessed penises, not male penises, but thin, tapering feminized stalks, like the stamens of flowers, clitorises that had elongated tremendously from abundant desire.