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SSX (short for Snowboard Supercross) is the first in the SSX series of snowboarding video games. It was developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation 2 in October 2000. It is the first game in EA's EA Sports Big brand, which specializes in extreme sports titles with an unrealistic or arcade feel.

Although it suffered from poor sales, SSX received widespread critical acclaim, while also receiving numerous industry awards and was widely regarded by critics as one of the standouts of the PlayStation 2's launch library. The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences gave SSX five awards, including "Console Sports Game of The Year" and "Racing Game of The Year". The executive producer and creative leader of SSX was Steve Rechtschaffner, who was also the inventor of the now Olympic snowboard event called Boardercross, which served as the inspiration for the game.

Subsequent titles in the SSX series include, in order of release: SSX Tricky, SSX 3, SSX on Tour, SSX Blur, and a reboot released in 2012, SSX.

SSX (disambiguation)

SSX is a 2000 snowboarding video game.

SSX may also refer to:

  • SSX (2012 video game)
  • SSX (series), a series of snowboarding video games and is short for Snowboard Super Cross
  • Swaziland Stock Exchange
  • The Chapman code for the county of Sussex, England
  • Synovial sarcoma, X breakpoint
  • Sydney Stock Exchange, now the Australian Securities Exchange
SSX (series)

SSX (Snowboard Supercross) is a series of snowboarding and skiing (added in On Tour) videogames published by EA Sports BIG. It is an arcade-style racing game with larger-than-life courses, characters, and tricks. While the general focus of the series is racing and performing tricks on snowboards, the underlying gameplay of each edition alters slightly; for example, while the original SSX relies on a working knowledge of speed and trick boosts, SSX On Tour requires players to complete different "phat" combos and "monster tricks". SSX is intended to be short for "Snowboard Supercross", but the complete title has almost never actually been referred to in any way in the marketing or promotion of the games or within the games themselves. According to 2012's SSX the acronym in Team SSX means: Snowboarding, Surfing, and Motocross.

The franchise has been critically acclaimed, with the first three installments receiving over 90.00% on GameRankings. Initial sales for the game have been kept a secret by publisher EA. Most of the games have been released only on Sony and Nintendo consoles, with the first game being released exclusively on the PlayStation 2 and the fifth instalment exclusively on the Wii. In 1999, EA revealed the series was being developed with the Sega Dreamcast in mind, but once they made the decision not to support the console, it was moved over to the PlayStation 2. The original SSX sold close to three million units in its lifetime, spurring sequel titles SSX Tricky and SSX 3. The first three SSX titles were created as part of EA Canada's Chaos production group, under the leadership of Steve Rechtschaffner (EP), Pauline Moller (Sr.DD) and Larry LaPierre (Producer).

SSX (2012 video game)

SSX is a snowboarding video game in the SSX series of video games from Electronic Arts. It is a reboot of the series. First revealed at the Spike Video Game Awards in 2010 under the working title SSX: Deadly Descents, the game's trailer appeared to show a much darker direction to the series than previous entries, though later footage revealed a return to a lighter tone. SSX includes the use of real locations, rather than the fictional courses of past games.

The game was developed by EA Canada and released in North American on February 28, 2012, in New Zealand, Australia, and Europe on March 1 and 2, and Japan on March 15 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Upon release, the game received positive reviews from critics who praised for the motivation behind its development. SSX was a commercial success for Electronic Arts.