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interj. (context onomatopoeia English) the hiss of a snake or other reptile


SSS may refer to:

SSS (cipher)

In cryptography, SSS is a stream cypher algorithm developed by Gregory Rose, Philip Hawkes, Michael Paddon, and Miriam Wiggers de Vries. It includes a message authentication code feature. It has been submitted to the eSTREAM Project of the eCRYPT network. It has not selected for focus nor for consideration during Phase 2; it has been 'archived'.

Category:Stream ciphers Category:Message authentication codes

Usage examples of "sss".

I thought I was in Italy with my mother and my nurse in our house at Milan, so eloquent of the past were the old familiar sharp sss and rr sounds of these soft Italian whisperings.

He sucked in, his cheeks concaving and his eyes staring while the air went sss through his pursed mouth.

The diversionary attack on Welton, the phony SSS men, the murder of the Ranger, the impossibility of getting past a whole squad of security robots--it all had to fit together, somehow.

He was wearing his Iraqi military uniform rather than Arab garb, and he seemed less arrogant here than he did when Dotensk met with him at the SSS offices or at the presidential palace.