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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a squeaky voice (=very high and not strong)
▪ The mouse talks in a little squeaky voice.
squeaky clean (=completely clean)
▪ I like my hair to be squeaky clean.
▪ Within minutes, Tamika, squeaky clean for the first time in days, is proudly pulling the clothing on.
▪ How squeaky clean can I get?
▪ This kind of possibility is a new experience for a city where the police department has always been viewed as squeaky clean.
▪ Whiskers and ears are optional but the squeaky voice is essential!
▪ Something about his rubbery features and squeaky voice trigger my cootie detector.
deep-voiced/squeaky-voiced/husky-voiced etc
▪ a squeaky door
▪ a band with a squeaky vocal style
▪ He's had a throat infection for over a week and his voice has gone squeaky.
▪ Her voice is kind of high and squeaky.
▪ If you have a squeaky little voice, people tend not to listen to your ideas.
▪ This door needs oiling - it's very squeaky.
▪ Around the corner, their classmates practiced pulling small-fry violin bows across squeaky strings.
▪ His voice, he thought, sounded curiously squeaky.
▪ Something about his rubbery features and squeaky voice trigger my cootie detector.
▪ The beginning of the main strip in Shelbyville is a squeaky clean residential area.
▪ The speaker was squeaky, but I could make out what was being said.
▪ The toy, the squeaky duck or whatever, will be offered to him by the smiling child.
▪ Union Sundown appear to share their guitars and their squeaky vocal style but their songs are longer and have a grittier tone.
The Collaborative International Dictionary
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1823, from squeak (n.) + -y (2). Squeaky clean in figurative sense is from 1972, probably from advertisements for dishwashing liquid. Related: Squeakily; squeakiness.


a. Tending to produce a high-pitched sound or squeak.


adj. having or making a high-pitched sound such as that made by a mouse or a rusty hinge [syn: screaky, screechy, squeaking, squealing]

Usage examples of "squeaky".

To Jeremiah, his sermon was like the ones of his good preacher back there in the settlement, except he speechified in a squeaky voice.

The tones would have to be altered very little to resemble the squeaky voice of Stroam, as it had come over the dictograph.

And it seemed to him she was more likely to be a timid little thing, thin, unglorious hair, with a tiny squeaky voice.

Because I know something about the floor of the caf of Fischer Hall that Steve Winer will never know: it is squeaky clean.

The dieffenbachia lowered its squeaky voice suddenly, and its large green leaves dipped shyly.

It was full of a noisy crowd of Hoka farmers and tradesmen, some talking in dieir squeaky voices, some playing darts, some clustering around the two humans.

There, he swilled down a glass of milk, rummaged through the cupboards, oiled a squeaky hinge on the stillroom door, then, having run out of excuses, made his way down the passageway toward the stairs.

One of them told me, in the strictest confidence, of course, that Pattycake was never pleased when they dropped by to say good night to Katie or leave little gifts of catnip and squeaky toys.

The gringos tended to grease the squeaky wheellike everyone else in the world, perhaps, but still it was not terribly farsighted of them.

She cuddled the ball of fluff to her cheek and the kitten gave a squeaky meow.

And then there's the grinding stress of searching all those faces in the endless bustling crowds, looking for hatred, looking for psychosis, looking for the tight, nervous face of an Arthur Bremer, a Squeaky Fromme, a Lee Harvey Oswald.

Temperatures get considerate, the air acquires the squeaky, scrubbed flavor of a world without hydrocarbons, the light's as sweet and golden as a caramel apple.

They'll destroy it all with their clamour about Gay Lib and alternative life-styles, and all love is holy, and 'both partners must be squeaky clean'.

The birds heard it, the grey-headed social weavers setting up a squeaky chatter in a tree behind us that was festooned with their nests.

When he pointed out to Pat Adcock that he could be more use in research than fixing squeaky drawers, she reluctantly agreed to allow him to do an occasional literature search.