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n. 1 an http://en.wikipedi

  1. org/wiki/Splints 2 (plural of splint English) v

  2. (en-third-person singular of: splint)


Splints is an ailment of the horse or pony, characterized by a hard, bony swelling, usually on the inside of a front leg, lying between the splint and cannon bone or on the splint bone itself. It may be "hot," meaning that it occurred recently and is still painful; or "cold," meaning that the splint has completely recovered and there is no longer any swelling or pain associated with it. Bucked shins are sometimes called 'shin splints,' which involve small stress fractures of the dorsal cannon bone, often seen in race training, and discussed elsewhere.

Usage examples of "splints".

No two wheels on any wagon were in true, and few even leaned in the same direction, and a number of their spokes wore splints tied on with rawhide thongs.

Then Edge placed the sticks along the leg for splints, and with the cloth strips bound them tightly in place.

She had, after all, swum a considerable distance in a nasty sea, ruined a dress, produced splints when asked for them, suffered aching arms from pulling on a large and very heavy broken leg, soothed a child when she badly needed soothing herself.

Make a couple of splints out of that orange crate in the corner and tie me up again.

Both looked at his freshly bandaged arm, set with splints of bone and wrapped in new linen.

Some time around midnight the twelve members of his escort, who had last been seen lying, most of them unconscious, on the floor of the Fengerzhuang eating-house, came limping into the inn, some of them with a leg or an arm in splints and one or two of them on crutches.

His request for two long, straight pieces of wood for splints only distracted one Camelgut from the conference.