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n. (plural of spine English)

Usage examples of "spines".

I was so pleased with this neat and simple control that we have employed it for several other of the key steps in the cascade - finding, for instance, that the increase in dendritic spines occurs only in a remembering and not in an amnesic group.

He tried to struggle, but all that did was push more needle spines into his abdomen.

The spines piercing him turned to worms, slick and greasy, licking round inside the swath of puncture holes down his torso.

Some of these synapses are on the shafts of the dendrites, others are attached to the tiny spines which stud the dendritic surface and which can be seen in Figure 10.

Changes in synaptic connectivity between one neuron and another as a result of learning along hebbian lines might involve the dendrites increasing in length, or changing in branching pattern, or the numbers of their spines might alter.

He then selected a particular class of neurons, recognizable by their long axons, measured the length of each dendritic branch and counted the spines on each, which he then calculated as number of spines per um - that is, millionth of a metre - of dendrite.

In the hours that follow, these glycoproteins are inserted into the synaptic membranes, increasing the number of dendritic spines, and the synaptic contact areas in both left IMHV and left and right LPO.

Further, the types of morphological change we have found and that I discuss in Chapter 10, the changes in synaptic connections due to growth of new dendritic spines, the increases in synapse numbers and dimensions - changes analogous to those found in other labs and in other experimental paradigms - make theoretical sense.

But those few hours have permanently altered the brain, if only by shifting the number and position of a few dendritic spines on a few neurons in particular brain regions.

Patel, S N, and Stewart, M G Changes in the number and structure of dendritic spines, 25 hr after passive avoidance training in the domestic chick Callus domesticus.

Old Scratch, Cally, and Teeth were still intent upon the people outside, spines lowered, snouts bunched and quivering.

All the sept had died, their spines snapped like sticks, their ribs smashed to pieces and driven like nails into their hearts.

He saw the crew, strapped into their seats, bodies shaken like dolls, spines snapping, hearts exploding.

She was protected by her immense size, and by a row of toothlike spines and crude armor plates on her back.

Listener felt her own spines rise up in response, her body obeying an unbidden, ancient instinct.