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n. (plural of spend English) vb. (en-third-person singular of lang=en spend)

Usage examples of "spends".

Republicans being rejected from Yale, the media spends its time enforcing the party line on dumb Republicans with Stalinist zeal.

I will give him twenty-five sequins on the condition that he spends it all on the wedding.

It is beneficial when the monarch spends his profits for the good of the people.

Even now, I suspect, he spends the last half hour of each day keeping it constantly up to date on one of his yellow legal pads.

Anybody who spends much time around the Secret Service and acts a little bent has to assume things like that.

A man spends his youth accumulating data, billions of bits, and some he must handle to real time, some he stores in his computer for later inspection.

The weak man talks of burdens he can raise, the timid of giants he can confront, the poor of treasures he spends, the most humble peasant, in the height of his pride, calls himself Jupiter.

Do you know she spends two or three thousand crowns a year in this amusement?