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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Our CD-ROM drive is three times faster than the software specs require.
▪ And here's where the question of spec lists raises its head.
▪ But Mark McGwire is also working on spec.
▪ I am restoring it and considering upgrading it to 110 spec.
▪ Pre-final spec T9000-based versions will ship in June/July followed by final spec versions in the fourth quarter.
▪ They are coming here, essentially, on spec.
▪ You simply landed here on spec?
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

short for specification, 1956. Related: Specs.


n. 1 (context colloquial English) short form of specification 2 (context colloquial English) short form of speculation 3 short form of specialization 4 short form of special 5 (context dialect English) a special place (for hiding or viewing) 6 (context Australia Australian rules football informal English) A spectacular mark (catch) in Australian rules football. vb. (context transitive English) To specify, especially in a formal specification document.


n. a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work [syn: specification]


Spec may refer to:

SPEC (disambiguation)

SPEC may refer to:

  • Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation
  • Solid phase extraction chromatography
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Usage examples of "spec".

The original is composed of finely veined azurite or carbonate of copper, which, although specked with harder serpentinous nodules, is almost entirely blue.

Cole Haan loafers, and tortoiseshell specs they love to take off and nibble the arm of, plus always a uniform self-seriousness that reminds you of every overachieving dweeb you ever wanted to kick the ass of in school.

At last she got to one display that mattered, ENTER YOUR BRAINWARE SPECS FOR REGISTRATION, and she gave it the false SPECS her tutor had provided: Hauck 9200, model 42A.

Sabin made adjustments as Radd provided specs and monitored the readouts.

All he was capable of doing was to save you two from losing your precious Skyjack specs and prices, after getting himself nearly killed and badly beaten.

Looked at the flaws in the wallpaper, at the smug philodendron in its basket hung from the ceiling, at the, black pussy-cat clock wagging its tail and rolling its eyes at the spec tacle of time being so frivolously frittered away.

The sun had gone down moments before, setting the western sky ablaze with reds and oranges and purples, a fantastic spec- tacle of color and cloud shapes as entrancing, he thought, as the green, star-clotted sky above the city of blue light that he saw so often in his dreams.

Colossal and grossly tubate, a caterpillar body studded with tufts, ventricles opening and closing sphincters, dun and specked with warning colours.

MMU backpack, evidently built to mil spec, was considerably more advanced than Bootstrap hardware.

I basically become the middleman, my sales guys brokering the pretreated raw goods, you assembling em to our specs and quality satisfaction .

The semiconducting sphere he was looking at seemed well within its design specs.

I settled for a double dose of tannin secretion, an underdose of sun block, a darkened pair of mag specs, my height, and a local beard and hairstyle.

Call District and have them rush through a change of spec - include heat- treat and a modified Charpy test.

Joshua had drawn up the specs for a self-replicating nanoparticle emissions generator.

If Nervi was really smart, though, he would have the specs instead of letting the security company keep them.