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a. (context pejorative English) bespectacled


Speccy, developed by Piriform, is a freeware utility software and runs under Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP for both IA-32 and x64 versions of these operating systems, which shows the user information about hardware and software of the computer. The information displayed by Speccy includes processor brand and model, hard drive size and speed, amount of memory ( RAM), information about graphics card and operating system. Speccy is for seeing what kind of hardware is present in a system and how it is being used.

Lifehacker stated in 2009 that among similar tools, Speccy was the "cleanest and most detailed one we've used yet." Download Squad described the software as "[though] not as detailed as some other system information tools, Speccy still provides a good deal of essential information and gathers it quickly." In 2010, PC World stated that the beta test version "gives you a remarkable amount of technical detail" that is "more comprehensive than other tools like Systeminfo". In its 2012 review Softpedia rated version 1.24.632 four stars (of five).

As of Windows 10 version 1511 released in November 2015, Speccy versions 1.28.709 and before are automatically uninstalled after downloading the update. Speccy 1.29.714 was released on December 3rd to restore Speccy to Windows 10 after the November update.

Speccy (Angry Kid)

Speccy is a character from the live action/animation series Angry Kid.

He is Angry Kid's "best friend" and a kind, pleasant, and innocent nerd. Speccy made his debut in series 2.

Why Speccy and Angry Kid are friends is questionable. It's possible that Speccy only hangs out with Angry Kid just to get him in trouble since Angry Kid engages in hurting or bullying him most of the time. His real name is Myles.

He is voiced by Mike Cooper.