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The Collaborative International Dictionary

neuter \neu"ter\, v. t. To render incapable of sexual reproduction; to remove or alter the sexual organs so as to make infertile; to alter; to fix; to desex; -- in male animals, to castrate; in female animals, to spay.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 15c., "stab with a sword, kill," also "remove the ovaries of (a hunting dog)," from Anglo-French espeier "cut with a sword," from Middle French espeer, from Old French espee "sword" (French épée), from Latin spatha "broad, flat weapon or tool," from Greek spathe "broad blade" (see spade (n.1)). Compare Greek spadon "eunuch." Related: Spayed; spaying.


Etymology 1 alt. (context transitive English) To remove or destroy the ovary (of an animal) so that it cannot become pregnant. vb. (context transitive English) To remove or destroy the ovary (of an animal) so that it cannot become pregnant. Etymology 2

n. (rare spelling of spayard English)


v. remove the ovaries of; "Is your cat spayed?" [syn: alter, neuter, castrate]


Spay may refer to:

  • Spaying
  • Spay, Germany, a municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
  • Spay, Sarthe, a commune in the Sarthe departement, France
  • Tnte. Gral. Gerardo Pérez Pinedo Airport, Atalaya, Peru

Usage examples of "spay".

In the process of diagnosing her dysplasia we had discovered she was allergic to anesthesia, so could not spay her without risking her life.

All I had done this afternoon was spay a cat but I had nothing more to offer.

We had a teeth cleaning on an ancient Lab--anesthesia was the issue there, not cutting--two spays, and the removal of an extra toe that seemed to be bothering mixed-breed puppy.

One of the spays, cat, was pregnant, and we lifted out the tiny, beautifully intricate embryos and carefully set them aside.

By noon, the spayed calico was on her feet, restlessly pacing the cage, yowling for food.

Any insects you bring in must be spayed, and you should be prepared to prove it to the customs officials.

She pauperized gigolos, she spayed studs, she hospitalized heartbreakers.

Alan forward in the direction of a great fountain, which spayed fine rust-red sand, not precious water.

The only possibility is to remove the uterus, thereby spaying the animal and removing the fetuses within.

We did not specify that our dogs be male or female, spayed or neutered, and we were not allowed to alter them because they were to be returned intact to their original owners at the end of the war.

Furthermore, in examining the condition of our red deer, I find that the young male is called in the first year a calf, in the second a broket, the third a spay, the fourth a staggon or stag, the fifth a great stag, the sixth a hart, and so forth unto his death.

Then the ruling coalition on Chel had elected a Spayed as President as an effective but surprising symbol of how much had changed.

I said a prayer to Bubastis, asking her to watch for the arrival in the eternal Catnip Fields of a little black and white cat who had never scratched or bitten without just cause and who had had the misfortune to have had only one kitten - by Caesarean section and the kitten never opened its eyes - and then she had lost her kitten factory by spaying because her surgeon said that she could never have a normal litter and could not safely risk another pregnancy.

Separated from Rupert, she wanted him to be able to see her as the centre of attention, being madly chatted up, but among this lot she felt about as attractive as a spayed Great Dane among a lot of Jack Russells.

All threethe huge, rangy black tom, the older, spayed queen, and the younger, silver Persian tom, which had been Carol's last gift to himwere good hunters, merciless killers, yet they shared the rafters with several flying squirrels plus a couple of small brown house mice .