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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He was a bobby sox and apple pie man at heart.
▪ I used to laugh when you read books about missionaries with bobby sox and funny old clothes.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

altered plural of sock (n.1), 1905, originally in commercial jargon.


n. (context informal English) (sock English) (footwear)


Sox usually refers to either the Boston Red Sox baseball team or the Chicago White Sox baseball team. It is a reference to and a misspelling of socks, which are garments worn on the feet.

The term may also refer to:

  • SoX or Sound eXchange, a computer program for audio manipulation
  • SOX gene family, a family of transcription factors that bind to the minor groove in DNA
  • SOX (operating system), a UNIX clone developed in Brazil in 1980s
  • Sarbanes–Oxley Act of 2002, a United States federal securities law
  • Schema for Object-Oriented XML, an XML schema language
  • Simple Outline XML, an alternative XML syntax
  • Singapore Open Exchange, SOX
  • Sodium oxide, a chemical compound
  • Sulfur oxide (SO), several types of chemical compounds
  • PHLX Semiconductor Sector, a widely used stock market index
  • Sox, a 1995 pop group led by Samantha Fox
  • Sogamoso Airport's IATA airport code, an airport in Colombia
  • SOX, a type of low-pressure Sodium-vapor lamp
SOX (operating system)

SOX was a name of a UNIX clone developed from scratch in Brazil in late 1980s by Computadores e Sistemas Brasileiros S/A (now Cobra Tecnologia), under the leadership of Ivan da Costa Marques. Certified as UNIX-compatible by X/Open (through Unisoft) in early 1989, SOX was one of the first re-implementation of UNIX fully independent of AT&T that passed the X/Open verification tests, and the only one ever completed 100% outside the United States.

SOX was designed to run on COBRA's own minicomputers and was part of Brazilian Informatics Policy that aimed to achieve technological independence from the United States. Despite being a technical success, SOX came too late, when COBRA had largely lost its support. SOX development was stopped soon after it was certified when the government decided to instead allow import of UNIX System V Release 4.0.

Usage examples of "sox".

She turned over and buried her face in the sheets, and imagined that there was nothing in the world but this dark room, no one else but Alan, drinking beer and watching the Red Sox game.

You protect yourself from the evil, Alan, with your Red Sox and your opera and your funny little job.

Bart had a Walkman with stereo minispeakers that you could plug into it, so we listened to an old Led Zep tape and later to a Sox game, in California, on the radio.

With the Red Sox down 9-0, the manager called the bullpen and told Hatteberg to pinch-hit.

Red Sox cap on the visiting Syrian Satellite pro, and the Syrian Satellite pro sits with most of the prorec-tors, looking confused, his shoulder taped up with a heatable compress, being polite about the comparative authenticity of Mrs.

The White Sox declined, but that conversation led to another, in which Billy discovered that the White Sox were willing to part with their All-Star second baseman and leadoff hitter, Ray Durham.

Then the quid pro quo: Gammons tells Billy that the Montreal Expos have decided to trade their slugging outfielder, Cliff Floyd, to the Boston Red Sox.

Red Sox pitcher Rolando Arrojo and a South Korean pitcher named Seung-jun Song.

Both were dressed in shorts, bobby sox, and, temptingly, muscle shirts whose hems hung no lower than the midpoint twixt their boobies and navels.

Bangor West players learn to play the caroms off them, just as Red Sox left fielders learn to play caroms off the Green Monster.

The Red Sox had drafted Brown the year before, and Brown had turned down the peanuts they'd offered and returned to the University of Alabama for his senior year.

Tom would get close, and then he would think of White Sox batting averages or who was trying to undercut him for the Chesley account at work and he would be okay again.

I caught the 4:38 out of Elk Grove, grabbed a paper as the train began to move off, and spent ten minutes on the really important news storiesyou know, the ones in the sports section, about the Cubs and the Sox and how far ahead the Brooklyn Dodgers were in the standings.

Last I heard he was in the Red Sox farm system, trying to make it as a pitcher.

Behind the counter of the kitchen the non-coms, the jovial first sergeant, and the business-like sergeant who looked like a preacher, and the wrinkled-faced corporal who had been on the Red Sox outfield, could be seen eating steak.