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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sous \Sous\, Souse \Souse\ (F. s[=oo]; colloq. Eng. sous), n. A corrupt form of Sou. [Obs.]
--Colman, the Elder.


Sou \Sou\, n.; pl. Sousor. [F. sou, OF. sol, from L. solidus a gold coin, in LL., a coin of less value. See Sold, n., Solid, and and cf. Sol, Soldo.] An old French copper coin, equivalent in value to, and now displaced by, the five-centime piece (1/20 of a franc), which is popularly called a sou.


n. (plural of sou English)


The Souss ( Berber: Sus) is a region in southern Morocco. Geologically, it is the alluvial basin of the Oued Sous (Asif n Sus), separated from the Sahara by the Anti-Atlas Mountains. The natural vegetation in the Sous is savanna dominated by the Argan (Argania spinosa), a local endemic tree found nowhere else; part of the area is now a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve to protect this unique habitat.

Usage examples of "sous".

Not wanting to live in hermit fashion, I went downstairs to dine at the public table, and I found a score of people sitting down to such a choice repast that I could not conceive how it could be done for forty sous a head.

Jehan, que notre fief de Tirechappe ne rapporte, en mettant en bloc le cens et les rentes des vingt-une maisons, que trente-neuf livres onze sous six deniers parisis.

After dinner the servant took me to the school, kept by a young priest, Doctor Gozzi, with whom the Sclavonian woman had bargained for my schooling at the rate of forty sous a month, or the eleventh part of a sequin.

After Lawrence had brought him a bed he told him that the Court allowed him ten sous a day, and then locked us up together.

He kissed my hand, and asked me if he would still be able to claim the ten sous which the Court had allowed him.

La seigneurie perce donc sous le sacerdoce, la commune sous la seigneurie.

I am sorry that my instructions are to give you only ten sous a day, but if you have any friends in Venice able to send you some money, write to them, and trust to me for the security of your letters.

Je tombai sous mon adversaire, je refusai de me rendre et payai cher ma superbe.

Le 2 de janvier 1792, je foulai de nouveau le sol natal qui devait encore fuir sous mes pas.

Comme Solon, elle cache un grand dessein sous son apparente folie: elle veut dicter des lois et gouverner.

Passeur-aux-Vaches, qui a disparu depuis sous le cheval de bronze et le Pont-Neuf.

Leurs mains disparaissaient sous leurs manches, leurs pieds sous leurs robes, leurs yeux sous leurs bonnets.

A Sclavonian soldier informed me very politely that he would attend upon me, and that I would pay him for his services whenever I could, for everyone knew that I had only ten sous a day.

Thanks to that double operation, I was enabled to give my Sclavonian servant the ten sous allowed to me every day.

In the first place, our glorious order does not permit me to touch money, and, in the second place, were I to be foolish enough to receive any when I am begging, people would think themselves quit of me with one or two sous, whilst they dive me ten times as much in eatables.