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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He is wonderfully avaricious, devious and a genius at avoiding parting with even a sou, all to great comic effect.
▪ I can hear them telling the architect not to spare a single sou.
▪ Sometimes he would throw away his francs to the soldiers and go home without a sou.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sou \Sou\, n.; pl. Sousor. [F. sou, OF. sol, from L. solidus a gold coin, in LL., a coin of less value. See Sold, n., Solid, and and cf. Sol, Soldo.] An old French copper coin, equivalent in value to, and now displaced by, the five-centime piece (1/20 of a franc), which is popularly called a sou.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

small French coin, 1550s, back-formation from sous, Old French soul, formerly a coin worth one-twentieth of a livre, from Latin solidus (see solidus).


n. 1 An old French copper coin. 2 (context dated slang English) cent; pocket money.


n. a former French coin of low denomination; often used of any small amount of money; "he hasn't a sou to his name"


Sou or SOU may refer to:

  • Sou (album), studio album by Marcelo Camelo
  • Sou (pastry), a type of food pastry
  • Sou (film), a film by Theodore Ushev for Shorts in Motion: The Art of Seduction
  • Sou (coin), Historically, a French coin worth 5 centimes, and now slang for a coin of little value
  • Penny (Canadian coin), colloquially called a sou in Quebec
  • Sou (surname), a Cantonese romanization of the Chinese surname Su
  • Special Operations Unit (disambiguation)
  • Southampton Airport, England (IATA code SOU)
  • Southampton Central railway station, England (National Rail code SOU)
  • Southern Oregon University, United States
  • Southern Railway (U.S.) (railroad reporting mark SOU)
  • Statens offentliga utredningar, an official series of reports of committees appointed by the Swedish Government
  • Sound of Urchin, American eclectic alternative rock band
  • Southern Thai language, ISO 639-3 language code
Sou (pastry)

Sou is a type of dried flaky Chinese pastry found in a variety of Chinese cuisines.

Sou (album)

Sou Nós is in the English-language I Am Us the first studio album from Rio singer Marcelo Camelo, lead singer of the band Los Hermanos, launched in 2008.

Usage examples of "sou".

De grandes affiches jaunes annoncent que des regates seront donnees sous le patronage du Yacht-Club de France.

La veille du dimanche des brandons, les habitants des campagnes se rendent le soir dans les champs et se promenent sous les arbres avec des falots en chantant quelque vieille invocation.

Traversons la petite ville, ce sera fait en cinq minutes, et allons nous asseoir sous les grands arbres tailles en muraille du parc de Bizi.

Michel handed over bezants and silver in the sum of seventy-two sous, a sum that a week ago had seemed impossibly large, and received a neatly written receipt.

I see a quantity of chairs for hire at the rate of one sou, men reading the newspaper under the shade of the trees, girls and men breakfasting either alone or in company, waiters who were rapidly going up and down a narrow staircase hidden under the foliage.

Ainsi Achille voulut que ses cendres fussent melees a celles de Patrocle sous le meme tertre funeraire.

Henri, sous notre ciel humide et fin, semblait plus pres des hommes, et plus mele aux choses de ce monde!

Elle le venere comme sous un autre ciel, dans les temps anciens, les hommes veneraient des dieux agrestes et velus.

Immobiles troufieaux ou notre clocher gris Semble un patre au milieu de ses blanches brebis, Jai pense que, malgre notre angoisse et nos peines, Sous ces toits paternels il existait des haines, Et que des murs plus forts que ces murs mitoyens Separent ici-bas les coeurs des citoyens.

A Sclavonian soldier informed me very politely that he would attend upon me, and that I would pay him for his services whenever I could, for everyone knew that I had only ten sous a day.

I pointed it out to her, but she answered very curtly that she could not abate one sou.

Like myself he had fifty sous a day, but he could do what he liked with the money.

Not wanting to live in hermit fashion, I went downstairs to dine at the public table, and I found a score of people sitting down to such a choice repast that I could not conceive how it could be done for forty sous a head.

Jehan, que notre fief de Tirechappe ne rapporte, en mettant en bloc le cens et les rentes des vingt-une maisons, que trente-neuf livres onze sous six deniers parisis.

Les articles sous le coup desquels elle vous place sont les 354, 355, 356, 357 du code penal, qui disent que quiconque aura enleve ou detourne une fille au-dessous de seize ans subira la peine des travaux forces a temps.