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n. (plural of sot English)


Sots or SOTS may refer to:

  • Drunkards
  • Slaughter of the Soul, an album by Swedish band At the Gates
  • Sounds of the 60s, a BBC radio show
  • Squawk on the Street, a financial television show on CNBC
  • Sword of the Stars, a PC game

Usage examples of "sots".

If Jewell found out, she would send Carnie back to Solfatara, and I wanted Taber to be working on Carnie, giving her sots and trying to get her to help him, because then I could believe he had given up on me.

And I knew Carnie was on sots before she ever came into the room, by the way you walked.

In spite of her youth, her silliness, I could well believe she had been on Solfatara had known all of it, the pervs, the sots, the worst the happy houses had to offer.