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Sono (band)

SONO (Lat.: make a sound; be heard; Esperanto: sound) is a band from Hamburg, Germany and was started in 2001 by Lennart A. Salomon ( vocals, Guitar) Florian Sikorski ( Keyboards) and Martin Weiland ( Keyboards, DJ).

Stylistically, SONO is somewhere between Pop and Electronica.


Sono, SONO, or SoNo may refer to:

  • SoNo (Atlanta), a district in the city of Atlanta, Georgia
  • Sono Department, a department in Burkina Faso
  • South Norwalk or "SoNo", a neighborhood in Norwalk, Connecticut
  • Sono, Jamui, a village in the Indian state of Bihar
Music groups
  • SONO (vocal group), an a cappella music group from Denmark
  • Sono (band), a band from Germany
Other uses
  • Sono arsenic filter, a water filter
SONO (vocal group)

SONO is a vocal group from Aarhus, Denmark singing rhythmic a cappella music. The group consists of 23 singers ranging in age from 20-35.