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n. 1 (plural of vocal English) 2 (context music English) The words of a song together with other sounds sung by a vocalist

Vocals (disambiguation)

Vocals are musical sounds produced with the voice.

Vocals may also refer to:

  • SoCal VoCals, an American vocal group
  • VOCALS, a meteorology field project
  • Vocals (phonetics), sounds made by a human being using the vocal folds

Usage examples of "vocals".

Even if Cleo got a copy and dubbed her own vocals, she couldn't release it as long as the master is floating around.

Gradually the guitar gave way to a small studio combo, and I heard, then, subtracks with backup vocals and the faint hint of an echo chamber.

JS: Yeah, and I don't even remember laying down the vocals, I was so bent.

Within ten minutes Emma is fast asleep, while I slowly drift off to the two-part background vocals of a cut called "Here's the Deal," which is about either marital infidelity or methadone withdrawal—from the chorus it's impossible to tell.

His job is to lay Cleo's vocals over Jimmy's guitar, once they lift it off the master.

He cut way back during the verse to leave room for her vocals and Dan’s vaguely demented repeating melody between the lines of lyrics.

The clashing edge of notes, sound effects, and vocals would never be his music of choice, but he found himself grinning.

George Shearing disappeared in mid-note and, a mo­ment later, Grace Jones's sinewy vocals were imprinting themselves on the even-tempoed surf.

The stereo glowed with a profusion of red and green pinpoints, waxing and waning with the volume of Billy Idol's vocals And, like Billy Idol, the Scoundrel had dyed his hair platinum.

Few women could manage the vocals for the Passwords needed around Deepsoil Five, though Tasmin had heard there were a lot of female Tripsingers in the Northwest.

If you can't depend on yourself for the vocals, for Erickson's sake, don't risk your life and those of other people.