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Somme (department)

Somme is a department of France, located in the north of the country and named after the Somme river. It is part of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais-Picardie region of France.

The north central area of the Somme was the site of a series of battles during World War I. Particularly significant was the 1916 Battle of the Somme. As a result of this and other battles fought in the area the department is home to many military cemeteries and several major monuments commemorating the many soldiers from various countries who died on its battlefields. The 1346 Battle of Crécy, a major English victory early in the Hundred Years' War, also took place in this department.

Somme (river)

The Somme is a river in Picardy, northern France. The name Somme comes from a Celtic word meaning “tranquility”. The department Somme was named after this river.

The river is long, from its source in the high ground of the former Forest of Arrouaise at Fonsommes near Saint-Quentin, to the Bay of the Somme, in the English Channel. It lies in the geological syncline which also forms the Solent. This gives it a fairly constant and gentle gradient where several fluvial terraces have been identified.

Somme (book)

Somme (ISBN 0-7181-2254-2) is a First World War military history book by Lyn MacDonald, published in 1983 by Michael Joseph.


Somme or The Somme may refer to:

  • Somme (department), a department of France
  • River Somme, a river in France
  • Canal de la Somme, a canal in France
  • Somme (book), a First World War military history book
  • The Somme (film), a 1927 British documentary film
  • The Somme – From Defeat to Victory, BBC TV documentary
  • Battle of the Somme
    • Somme American Cemetery and Memorial
    • Somme Heritage Centre
    • Battle of the Somme (disambiguation) for other uses
  • Somme (A631), a French Navy tanker and command ship

Usage examples of "somme".

By the 29th he was across the Ailette and threatening to turn the whole German position south of the Somme at Chauny.

British troops began to nibble at the point of the salient on the Ancre which had been created by the battle of the Somme.

Front, three abreast, the man in the middle dozing, and all dreading the first sight of the Hanging Virgin of Albert because beyond her steeple lay the terrible valley of the Ancre and the hills above the Somme.

German retirement on the Somme and the Ancre to the Hindenburg line took place.

Rochechouart, dit le bonhomme Jadis, mais alors nous sommes voisins, mademoiselle.

Ourteau pour expliquer sa situation a son frere, et lui demander de le sauver en consentant une garantie hypothecaire pour une somme de cent cinquante mille francs.

Paradis terrestre un peu vieilli, mais, en somme, pas beaucoup change.

Nous sommes presque sortis du quartier administratif, ce ne sera plus long.

Nous sommes a Notre-Dame de Liesse, autrefois si frequentee et maintenant delaissee et tombee dans un morne abandon.

Caux, a droite la baie de la Somme, puis les cotes basses de Picardie, et, tout en face, la haute mer.

A la place ou nous sommes, sans doute, une vierge barbare, plus blanche que Polyxene, fut egorgee comme la fille de Priam.

Allies in 1916 was not limited to the Russian, French, and Italian fronts, and there is a diplomatic story that when the battle of the Somme seemed unlikely to produce the fruits expected from it, pressure was put by one or more Western Powers upon Rumania to intervene.

Alsace, from the Maginot Line, from Africa, and from every other quarter, were to form a front along the Somme.

France, behind the Somme, the 51st Highland Division, which had been withdrawn from the Maginot Line and was in good condition, and the 52d Lowland Division, which was arriving in Normandy.

None of them wanted to go, for it was late in the day and they feared that French patrols might be waiting on the track that twisted endlessly through the dunes and reedbeds that stretched towards the Somme.