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n. (cx Thailand English) a side-street branching off a major street, an alley, a lane


Soi is the term used in Thailand for a side-street branching off a major street (thanon, ). An alley is called a trok .

Soi (disambiguation)

A soi is a side-street branching off a major street in Thailand.

Soi may also refer to:

  • Chua Soi Lek (born 1947), Malaysian politician
  • Soi (surname), a surname
  • Silicon on insulator, method of IC manufacturing
  • Second-order intercept point, a measure of linearity that quantifies second-order distortion generated by nonlinear systems and devices
  • Soi language, an Iranian language
Soi (surname)

Soi is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Brian Soi (born 1985), American football defensive tackle
  • Edwin Soi (born 1986), Kenyan runner

Usage examples of "soi".

Beyond them, sat Soi Hon, who was a veteran of early-Twenty-first Century bush wars, an ecological agitator, he called himself.

Delvan and Soi Hon were scrabbling in the dirt somewhere nearby, she could hear their whimpers.

Annette Ekelund and Soi Hon looked down at them with anger and contempt.

The crystal whipped round in a tight parabola above Soi and accelerated back the way it came.

Duncan quickly obtained a cup of soi from the wall dispenser—soi being the regul liquid stimulant, and only mildly flavored, unlike most regul foods.

He moved his sled to reach for a cup of soi abandoned on the edge of a table.

Hulagh gathered him­self, called for another drink of soi, and the other elders like­wise took refreshment.

Magd’s hearts labored and its mouth was dry, its tongue sticking to the membranes, so that water and soi were the only coherent desires.

And he wakened Hada and ordered soi, and remembered this time to order it sweetened, to Stavros' personal preference.

And Hulagh jabbed at buttons and summoned a youngling servitor, ordering soi, and records.

He reached a place where stopping would not overmuch inconvenience him, but he let the youngling wait with the petition awhile more, while he enjoyed a cup of soi, and midway through it saw fit to gesture his willingness to listen.

The soi came, borne by a youngling so agitated that the cups danced on the tray.

Koch sipped at the obligatory cup of soi, stared levelly at the regul delegation and his own staff, who sat disposed about the room, the regul adult in his sled and the inevitable younglings squatting on the carpet beside.

The regul shifted his weight in his sled, slowly finished off his soi, wished more of it of a youngling servitor which panted about immediately to satisfy him.

He slid a glance to Degas as the door closed, pushed away the cooling cup of soi, the taste of which he associated with the smell.