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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Soho \So*ho"\, interj. Ho; -- a word used in calling from a distant place; a sportsman's halloo.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

district in New York city, 1969, from "South of Houston Street," but probably also echoing the name of the London neighborhood (famous for vice by early 19c.), which was so called since at least 1630s, originally "So Ho," a hunting cry (c.1300) used in calling from a distant place to alert hounds and other hunters; the West End district was so called from earlier association of this area with hunting.


interj. (context obsolete English) ho; halloo; a word used in calling from a distant place.


Soho is an area of the City of Westminster and is part of the West End of London, England. Long established as an entertainment district, for much of the 20th century Soho had a reputation as a base for the sex industry in addition to its night life and its location for the headquarters of leading film companies. Since the 1980s, the area has undergone considerable gentrification. It is now predominantly a fashionable district of upmarket restaurants and media offices, with only a small remnant of sex industry venues.

Soho is a small, multicultural area of central London; a home to industry, commerce, culture and entertainment, as well as a residential area for both rich and poor. It has clubs, including the former Chinawhite nightclub; public houses; bars; restaurants; a few sex shops scattered amongst them; and late-night coffee shops that give the streets an "open-all-night" feel at the weekends. Record shops cluster in the area around Berwick Street, with shops such as Blackmarket Records and Vinyl Junkies.

On many weekends, Soho is busy enough to warrant closing off some of the streets to vehicles. Westminster City Council pedestrianised parts of Soho in the mid-1990s, but later removed much of the pedestrianisation, apparently after complaints of loss of trade from local businesses.

Soho (disambiguation)

Soho is an area of the City of Westminster and part of the West End of London, England.

Soho, SOHO or SoHo may also refer to:

SoHo (Australian TV channel)

SoHo is an Australian cable and satellite channel available on Foxtel, Austar and Optus Television's subscription platforms. Originally a classic programming service, it shifted its focus to women's programming on November 1, 2003. Later, on August 20, 2012, it shifted its focus, once again, to drama television series.

After several on-air creative rebrands and a repositioning to being a full drama channel, removing much of its talk shows in recent years, W. changed its name to SoHo, a brand that launched in New Zealand on August 20, 2012 as a monthly payment channel. SoHo now focuses on drama, horror and thriller programming.

The channel will close on 30 September 2016, to be replaced by a new channel Binge.

Soho (band)

Soho was an English pop trio, consisting of the sisters Jacqueline (Jacqui) Cuff and Pauline Cuff, with Timothy London. Other members of the group over the years have been Dukie D (original programmer and electro-visionary), Liam Gillick (now a well-known artist - Gillick added live bites from vinyl at early gigs), Eds Chesters (now of The Bluetones), Leigh Gorman (ex Bow Wow Wow) and Barry Smith (of Add N To X). Also for a while, Bob and Henry Morris, who previously played with the trio when they were known as Groovalax.

Soho (Tampa)

SoHo Tampa, short for "South Howard Avenue (Tampa)" is an entertainment district within the Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa. Some of the main cross streets are Kennedy Boulevard (SoHo's starting point), Cleveland Street, Platt Street and Swann Avenue. The area has historic architecture and is within walking distance of Bayshore Boulevard where it terminates (two miles away from the entertainment district). The much praised Bern's Steak House is located in the district. Other high-end restaurants and nightlife venues are located here. Other offerings are high-end locally owned clothing boutiques, art galleries, dessert cafes, and a Starbucks. One of only three Publix GreenWise Markets is also located in the district. As of 2009, small companies have sprung up utilizing NEVs to shuttle clubgoers between core neighborhoods including SoHo and Channelside.

In 2009 a small park dedicated to Bern Laxer, late founder of Bern's Steakhouse, opened at the southern part of the district. At the center of the park is the "Three Graces" sculpture and a lighted fountain that is the first in Tampa to use reclaimed water.

SoHo (TV channel)

SoHo is a premium entertainment channel in New Zealand available on Sky Network Television. The channel mainly broadcasts popular shows from American cable networks Showtime, AMC, Starz, HBO, and its sister channel Cinemax, which are themselves not available in New Zealand. It also broadcasts shows from Britain, especially from the BBC, and also broadcasts films.

There is also a SoHo channel in Australia, which launched on 20 August 2012.

SoHo (magazine)

SoHo is a Colombian-based monthly men's magazine founded in 1999 by Isaac Lee and others. In addition to Colombia, it is distributed in Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica and Peru. It is the second largest magazine by circulation in Colombia after TVyNovelas.

The magazine is known for its nude and partially nude cover photos of models, actresses, and women in Colombian public life, and like some other Latin American men's magazines, also for the contributions of notable writers and wide range of article topics. This often puts it in the same market segment as Playboy or Maxim.

Usage examples of "soho".

Soho Greek, originally a native of Agios Georgios, who emigrated to London twenty years ago, made his pile as a restaurateur, and has now come back, as these folk do, and wants to settle at home.

The day was extremely hot and I was wearing a short-sleeved fawn linen shirt made for me by Domediakis in Berwick Street, Soho, pale cream tropical nine-ounce double-pleated gabardine trousers from Adeney and Briggs and blue-and-white canvas yachting shoes.

I had met his highness at an assembly in Soho Square, the day after he had been made a London citizen.

Soho crowd, to his humble but lucrative sinecure in the Megalopolis Galleria, where he set up shop after that vast shopping mall elected a governor and declared statehood.

They crossed the Thames at Westminster Bridge and swung up past Pall Mall to edge into the Soho district Here the town was still very much awake, bustling with the after-theatre crowd and the people who swarmed the thousand and one restaurants, niteries, and discotheques which had established Soho as one of the mod capitals of the world.

Rigby and Peller for the establishment, with Agent Provocateur of Soho and Boisvert of Neal Street for the more adventurous adventuress.

His view of the street was unobstructed, and he was cataloging all traffic in and out of Soho Psych.

They made him feel he had to prove something, prove that the apparent Joseph was simply a mask for a mysterious, resourceful, dashing Joseph, whose extramural activities were closer to those of a James Bond than a guitar player in a Soho clip-joint.

The change from the Belgravian square to the narrow street in Soho affected her legs adversely.

Soho his village because he has his breakfast croissant and cappuccino at Patisserie Valerie in Old Compton Street and buys his charcuterie and cheese from Fratelli Camisa in Berwick Street and his coffee beans from Angelucci in Frith Street.

Not quite as raffish as Greenwich Village in its heyday, nor as freewheeling as the East Village during the Sixties, SoHo is a yeasty warren of streets, unexpected alleyways, and old two- to five-story brick buildings.

Soho was one of a famous group of thirty-five Japanese youths, known as the Kumamoto band, who in 1875 climbed a hill in their native domain of Kumamoto in Kyushu and pledged themselves to Christianity and to propagation of the faith in order to dispel ignorance and enlighten the people.

We are indebted to all of the families who have participated in Paren Talk and the Soho Parenting Center.

There are pubs ten miles away from Dean Street that are spiritually as Soho as the French House.

He heard a sudden intake of breath, then dead silence from the stagestruck Randy of SoHo.