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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"soft or marshy place," 1530s, of unknown origin. Also as a verb, "to become soaked; to soak" (mid-15c.), perhaps related to soak (v.) or from or related to similar words in Scandinavian.


vb. 1 (context transitive English) To soak, steep or saturate 2 (context intransitive English) To be soaked, steeped or saturated

Sog (river)

Sog is a river in Iceland. It runs from Lake Þingvallavatn for 21.9 km to its confluence with the river Hvítá, forming the river Ölfusá which then runs for another 25 km into the Atlantic Ocean. Its average discharge is 110 m³/s.

There are three hydroelectric power stations on the river: Ljósafossstöð (15 MW), Írafossstöð(48 MW) and Steingrímsstöð(27 MW).

The river runs through two lakes, Lake Úlfljótsvatn and Lake Álftavatn.

It has a healthy stock of arctic char and Atlantic salmon. The size of the char can be anywhere from 0.5 pounds up the 5.0 pounds with an average size of one pound. The most common weight for salmon is 5.0 to 10.0 pounds with a few fish caught each year from 20.0 to 30.0 pounds. There are also brown trout in the River.

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Sog or SOG may refer to:

  • Sog, Tibet (also Sogba), a town and seat of Sog County in the Nagqu Prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China
  • Sog County, county in Tibet
  • Sog River, river in Iceland
  • Sogchu River, river in Tibet, see Sog County
  • Särskilda operationsgruppen, a special forces regiment of the Swedish Armed Forces
  • Shot on goal, a statistic kept in ice hockey and box lacrosse
  • Society of Genealogists, is a UK-based charitable organisation, which aims to "promote, encourage and foster the study, science and knowledge of genealogy"
  • SOG Knife used by U.S. Army Special Forces and Special Observations Group covert operators, including the U.S. Navy SEALs
  • SOG Specialty Knives, an American military tool maker
  • Son of a gun, slang
  • Special Operations Group (disambiguation), a synonym for a SWAT team or Special Forces team
  • Speed over ground, a nautical term
  • Studies and Observations Group, also known as Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observations Group (MACV-SOG, also known as MACSOG and simply SOG), a highly classified United States Special Operations Forces unit which conducted clandestine and covert operations prior to and during the Vietnam War
  • Summer Olympic Games, the quadrennial international multi-sport event managed by the International Olympic Committee
  • Sync-on-green, a method of sending component video sync signals to video displays
  • Andre Ward, nicknamed S.O.G. (Son Of God), American professional boxer
  • SOG, Sogndal Airport, Haukåsen (IATA Airport code)

Usage examples of "sog".

New York SOG that had committed a half dozen agents and five vehicles on four Sundays in a row to follow Abouhalima, Salameh, Nosair, and Ayyad as they trained with automatic weapons at Calverton.

There they were, the Rainbow team, almost all of them looking as if asleep, but probably just chimped down, as he'd done with 3rd SOG more than a generation before, just pretending to sleep, eyes closed and powering their minds and bodies down, because it made no sense to think about things you didn't know jack shit about, and tension sapped the strength even when your muscles were idle.

In a moment the brass girl stoodshining clean, well polished, the fly ash all sogged off.