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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ware \Ware\, n. [AS. waru caution.] The state of being ware or aware; heed. [Obs.]


Ware \Ware\, v. t. [As. warian.] To make ware; to warn; to take heed of; to beware of; to guard against. ``Ware that I say.''

God . . . ware you for the sin of avarice.

Then ware a rising tempest on the main.


Ware \Ware\, obs. imp. of Wear. Wore.


Ware \Ware\, v. t. (Naut.) To wear, or veer. See Wear.


Ware \Ware\, n. [AS. w[=a]r.] (Bot.) Seaweed. [Obs. or Prov. Eng.]

Ware goose (Zo["o]l.), the brant; -- so called because it feeds on ware, or seaweed. [Prov. Eng.]


Ware \Ware\, n. [OE. ware, AS. waru; akin to D. waar, G. waare, Icel. & Sw. vara, Dan. vare; and probably to E. worth, a. See Worth, a.] Articles of merchandise; the sum of articles of a particular kind or class; style or class of manufactures; especially, in the plural, goods; commodities; merchandise. ``Retails his wares at wakes.''
--Shak. ``To chaffer with them and eke to sell them their ware.''

It the people of the land bring ware or any victuals on the Sabbath day to sell, that we would not buy it of them on the Sabbath, or on the holy day.
--Neh. x. 31.

Note: Although originally and properly a collective noun, it admits of a plural form, when articles of merchandise of different kinds are meant. It is often used in composition; as in hardware, glassware, tinware, etc.


Ware \Ware\, a. [OE. war, AS. w[ae]r. [root]142. See Wary.] A ware; taking notice; hence, wary; cautious; on one's guard. See Beware. [Obs.]

She was ware and knew it bet [better] than he.

Of whom be thou ware also.
--2. Tim. iv. 15.

He is ware enough; he is wily and circumspect for stirring up any sedition.

The only good that grows of passed fear Is to be wise, and ware of like again.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"manufactured goods, goods for sale," Old English waru "article of merchandise," also "protection, guard," hence probably originally "object of care, that which is kept in custody," from Proto-Germanic *waro (cognates: Swedish vara, Danish vare, Old Frisian were, Middle Dutch were, Dutch waar, Middle High German, German ware "goods"), from PIE *wer- (4) "to perceive, watch out for" (see ward (n.)). Usually wares, except in compounds such as hardware, earthenware, etc. Lady ware was a jocular 17c. euphemism for "a woman's private parts," and Middle English had ape-ware "deceptive or false ware; tricks" (mid-13c.).


"to take heed of, beware," Old English warian "to guard against, beware; protect, defend," from Proto-Germanic *waraz (cognates: Old Frisian waria, Old Norse vara), from PIE *war-o- "to guard, watch," from root *wer- (4) "to perceive, watch out for" (see ward (n.)).


Etymology 1

  1. (context poetic English) aware n. (context obsolete English) The state of being aware; heed. Etymology 2

    n. 1 (context uncountable usually in combination English) Goods or a type of goods offered for sale or use. 2 (context in the plural English) ''See '''wares'''.'' 3 (context uncountable English) pottery or metal goods. 4 (context countable archaeology English) A style or genre of artifact. 5 (context Ireland English) crockery Etymology 3

    a. (context obsolete English) wary; cautious v

  2. (context obsolete or dialectal English) To beware of something. Etymology 4

    n. (context obsolete UK dialect English) seaweed Etymology 5

    vb. (context nautical English) To wear, or veer.


n. articles of the same kind or material; usually used in combination: silverware; software


v. spend extravagantly; "waste not, want not" [syn: consume, squander, waste]

Ware, MA -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Massachusetts
Population (2000): 6174
Housing Units (2000): 2906
Land area (2000): 6.174500 sq. miles (15.991881 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.136136 sq. miles (0.352591 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 6.310636 sq. miles (16.344472 sq. km)
FIPS code: 72845
Located within: Massachusetts (MA), FIPS 25
Location: 42.259965 N, 72.245841 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 01082
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Ware, MA
Ware -- U.S. County in Georgia
Population (2000): 35483
Housing Units (2000): 15831
Land area (2000): 902.293304 sq. miles (2336.928831 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 4.018689 sq. miles (10.408357 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 906.311993 sq. miles (2347.337188 sq. km)
Located within: Georgia (GA), FIPS 13
Location: 31.205650 N, 82.412807 W
Ware, GA
Ware County
Ware County, GA

WARE (1250 AM) is a radio station broadcasting an oldies format. Licensed to Ware, Massachusetts, USA, the station serves the Springfield market. The station is currently owned by Success Signal Broadcasting.

Ware (surname)

Ware is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Mary Lee Ware - The principle sponsor of the Harvard Museum of Natural History's famous Glass Flowers exhibit and key player in the creation of the New Hampshire Rhododendron State Park.
  • Dr. Charles Eliot Ware - A leading Boston physician and father of Mary Lee Ware.
  • Andre Ware, American football quarterback
  • Bronnie Ware, Australian author, song-writer and singer
  • Bruce A. Ware, American theological academic
  • Charles Pickard Ware (1849–1921), American educator and folk music transcriber
  • Charles R. Ware, American naval officer
  • Charlie Ware (1900-1984), Irish hurler
  • Charlie Ware (1933-2013), Irish hurler
  • Caroline F. Ware, American historian and social scientist
  • Chris Ware, American cartoonist
  • David S. Ware, American jazz saxophonist
  • Rev. Daniel M. Ware, American Nerdcore Geeksta and inventor of being Total Dorkness
  • DeMarcus Ware, American football player
  • Ed Ware, American district attorney
  • Edwin O. Ware, Sr., American clergyman and college founder
  • Fabian Ware, founder of British Imperial War Graves Commission
  • George Ware, American dendrologist
  • Harold Ware, American communist
  • Henry Ware (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Herta Ware, American actress and activist
  • Isaac Ware (1704-1766), English architect and translator of Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio
  • James Ware (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Jeff Ware (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Jeremy Ware, Canadian baseball player
  • Jessie Ware (born 1984), British singer
  • John Ware (cowboy), American-Canadian cowboy
  • John H. Ware, III, a US Representative from Pennsylvania
  • Kallistos Ware, Bishop of Diokleia and Orthodox theologian
  • Keith L. Ware, U.S. Army Major General killed in Vietnam.
  • Kevin Ware (born 1993), American basketball player
  • Lancelot Ware, British barrister and MENSA founder
  • Leon Ware, American soul musician
  • Marilyn Ware, American diplomat
  • Martha Ware, American jurist and politician
  • Martyn Ware, British electronic musician
  • Matt Ware, American football player
  • Michael Ware, Australian journalist
  • Mike Ware (ice hockey), Canadian ice hockey player
  • Mike Ware (photographer), chemist and alternative-process photographer
  • Nicholas Ware, American politician
  • Opoku Ware I, Ashanti King
  • Opoku Ware II, Ashanti King
  • Onzlee Ware, American politician from Virginia
  • Paul Ware, English footballer
  • Rick Ware, American racing driver
  • Riley Ware, American football player
  • Scott Ware, American football player
  • Sidney William Ware, Scottish soldier
  • Taylor Ware, American singer and yodeler
  • Teyon Ware, American amateur wrestler
  • Theron Ware, fictional character from The Damnation of Theron Ware
  • Tim Ware, American musician
  • Tom Mauchahty-Ware, Native American musician
  • Tommy Ware (1885–1915), English footballer
  • Wallace Ware, a pseudonym used by novelist and screenwriter David Karp
  • Wilbur Ware, American jazz bassist
  • William Ware, American novelist
  • William Robert Ware, American architect

Usage examples of "ware".

There was no display of goods in the great windows, or any device to advertise wares, or attract custom.

I can bring mysell to ask a favour of ane that winna sae muckle as ware a word on me, to tell me if he hears me speaking till him.

Walrus ons door afbeeldingen en beschrijvingen bekend, die hem echter niet in zijn ware gedaante voorstellen, en ook van zijn levenswijze een onjuist denkbeeld geven.

Als dat zijn ware karakter was zou het hem heel goed in zijn dromen kunnen kwellen en ziek kunnen maken, zeker na alles wat erover bekend was geworden.

And this was the first, to my knowledge, that Bish Ware had ever admitted to any off-planet connections.

At the same time, I was watching Steve Ravick, Morton Hallstock and Leo Belsher at one side of the room, and Bish Ware at the other.

Then I saw Bish Ware, ahead, sitting on a sausage of wax, talking to one of the Spaceport Police.

Reluctantly, she condones Dad taking a snort now and then, but as soon as she saw Bish Ware, her face started to stiffen.

Ravick had been in power too long, and he was drunker on it than Bish Ware ever got on Baldur honey-rum.

Dad said that Bish Ware had called in, with nothing to report but a vague suspicion that something nasty was cooking.

Dad and Bish Ware and a few others were waiting at the elevator for us.

I noticed that Joe Kivelson was something less than comfortable about shaking hands with Bish Ware.

There were many of them, for all the city of Inquanok was builded of onyx, whilst great polished blocks of it were traded in Rinar, Ogrothan, and Celephais and at home with the merchants of Thraa, Flarnek, and Kadatheron, for the beautiful wares of those fabulous ports.

Heavy carts laden with barrels of beer, crates of produce and animals made their way past noisy motorcars and shining black Hansom carriages to the Byward Market where vendors called their wares in French and English.

Het zou wezen, als ware zij zoo opgetogen over hun cadeau, dat alle vroegere onaangenaamheid nu was goedgemaakt.