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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
soccer mom
▪ He took control of the national drugs intelligence unit, the national soccer intelligence unit and seven regional criminal intelligence offices.
▪ Last month, another team that had never won a national soccer title, the Morelia Monarchs, won the winter championship.
▪ He threw a temper tantrum at school when two of the newcomers took his soccer ball.
▪ The Ramblers pass a soccer ball back and forth, a display of agility and grace.
▪ There's a male and female couple kicking a soccer ball around.
▪ Well, he wanted me to kick the soccer ball with him.
▪ After playgroup we drove to Sagaponack to swim, make sand castles and kick around a soccer ball.
▪ After more enquiries, a devout soccer fan gave me a selection to read.
▪ After numerous false starts, attendance figures hint that long-suffering soccer fans might finally have something to be excited about.
▪ And they were real soccer fans who were really into the game, standing and yelling.
▪ Claimants include families of the 95 soccer fans killed in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster - some expecting cheques this week.
▪ Their conclusion has a much wider use, though, than on the soccer field.
▪ In the planning stages are two hotels, a theme park, housing for homeless and low-income people, and soccer fields.
▪ On a Thursday night, she ran across the dark soccer field to the field house before it closed.
▪ The next day, Vietminh agents put a village official on trial before five thousand people assembled on a soccer field.
▪ Children watched volleyball, basketball and soccer games.
▪ His junior year at Boulder High I went to all his home soccer games.
▪ On a field below a dormitory a desultory soccer game was under way.
▪ Children watched volleyball, basketball and soccer games.
▪ His junior year at Boulder High I went to all his home soccer games.
▪ I think she and Phil were the nearest thing to soccer hooligans that canoeing can produce.
▪ It was worse than soccer hooligans.
▪ By the end of the 32/33 season, the club was well placed to progress from friendlies to Junior League soccer.
▪ Play a video tape of a soccer match during tea.
▪ Then they were warned against smiling in public, or attending soccer matches, or watching television.
▪ This was no soccer match won by three goals nor a race won by three seconds.
▪ Major minor was sent off in a school soccer match.
▪ All sporting fixtures including soccer matches in Belfast city, which is unaffected by the disease, were called off yesterday.
▪ Reducing emissions garners neither campaign contributions from corporate polluters nor the votes of soccer moms in their fuel-inefficient four-wheel drives.
▪ Some soccer moms waited in their minivans and station wagons, but none had their radios tuned to the presidential debate.
▪ Meanwhile, complaints regularly arise, typically from soccer moms weary of scraping well-digested Gravy Train from their kids' Nikes.
▪ Like it or not, the soccer mom is everywhere and her influence is growing daily.
▪ I guess you could call me a textbook soccer mom.
▪ What do you suppose might happen if the soccer moms join up with Norma Rae?
▪ He was boasting about family values and saying that soccer moms should vote for him.
▪ The soccer mom walks out a happy customer and a political ally for life.
▪ He stood beside a muddy soccer pitch.
▪ Two full size soccer pitches, and inside a fully equipped fitness centre complement the gymnasium and provide a comprehensive community facility.
▪ Mind you it was not just any soccer pitch.
▪ Were we marking out a soccer pitch?
▪ One of the people who went to his aid was his friend and fellow soccer player David Huggins.
▪ A soccer player and runner in high school, he had taken up outrigger canoeing before the accident.
▪ This Loughborough student, a talented soccer player who declined an apprenticeship with Coventry City, amassed 17 points.
▪ Do they really see the soccer player among the amoebas?
▪ During his early teens, McKenzie was a competent soccer player but, as he grew his nimble-footed agility was lost.
▪ They told the former high school soccer player and track athlete he was finished with sports, and yet he is here.
▪ I'd just be kicking like a soccer player really.
▪ Forward Mia Hamm is widely considered the best female soccer player in the world.
▪ Snooker ace John Parrott and soccer stars from Tranmere Rovers were featured in previous poster campaigns.
▪ In the true spirit of a scandalous soccer star, Gallacher was flamboyant and temperamental on and off the park.
▪ Young soccer star Stephen Kilgour strikes home a penalty shot during the interval at Darlington's home match on Saturday.
▪ And 11-month-old George got the sort of hero's reception normally reserved for his soccer star dad.
▪ But Seventies soccer star Chris didn't just find it hard.
▪ Maestri Milanesi How do you build the best soccer team in the world?
▪ The metro editor sent me to cover a soccer team pep rally at Columbia University.
▪ The four youngsters - who went to school together and played in the same soccer team - died instantly.
▪ Semi-pro hockey and soccer teams will also be staging competitions.
▪ In 1989 he took a rest from running junior soccer teams and this season began refereeing in the South Merseyside Junior League.
▪ He was loath to leave his friends, his school and his soccer team, on which he was now a starter.
▪ Two stadium-sized managerial talents holding half-time team talks while the rest of the soccer world has not even kicked off yet.
▪ A: I like to play soccer and I love skateboarding.
▪ He also plays five-a-side soccer three times a week.
▪ I played soccer, was on the judicial board, student council, and some of the other mainstream stuff.
▪ Today, we might play less spectacular soccer.
▪ You wear a uniform to play baseball, you wear a uniform to play soccer.
▪ Who said ladies were too refined to play soccer?
▪ Weekends left him time to play soccer with one of his brothers, all day and all night, Saturday and Sunday.
▪ Last month, another team that had never won a national soccer title, the Morelia Monarchs, won the winter championship.
▪ In San Diego County, some 30, 000 kids play in organized soccer leagues, they said.
▪ It looked as though Chapman's soccer career was at an end.
▪ It matters to every soccer supporter in the country.
▪ The game ended as a 4-4 draw - and Dalglish then stunned soccer by announcing his retirement as Anfield boss.
▪ This pluralism in soccer took place at the same time greater political pluralism was occurring.
▪ This proves expensive for the police, who receive no subsidy from soccer sources for officers on duty outside the stadium.
▪ This quality time nonsense also accounts for the boom in soccer for kids ages 4 to 7.
▪ Together they shoot up, play soccer, get into barroom brawls, mug tourists and steal to support their habits.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1889, socca, later socker (1891), soccer (1895), originally university slang (with jocular formation -er (3)), from a shortened form of Assoc., abbreviation of association in Football Association (as opposed to Rugby football); compare rugger. An unusual method of formation, but those who did it perhaps shied away from making a name out of the first three letters of Assoc.


n. association football, a game in which two teams of eleven players contend to get a round ball into their opponent's goal primarily by kicking the ball with their foot. vb. (context Australian rules football English) To kick the football directly off the ground, without using one's hands.


n. a football game in which two teams of 11 players try to kick or head a ball into the opponents' goal [syn: association football]

Soccer (dog)

Soccer (May 17, 1988 – June 26, 2001) was a Jack Russell Terrier dog actor. A veteran of many television commercials for companies like Nike Athletics and Mighty Dog Dog Food, he became famous portraying the talking dog Wishbone in the PBS television series of the same name. Chosen from out of more than 100 dogs who auditioned for the role, Soccer appeared in almost every episode of the show during its 1995-1998 run. He lived with his trainer, Jackie Martin Kaptan, on the Plano, Texas ranch where the Wishbone series was filmed. Soccer's role as Wishbone was considered by many to be one of the most beloved TV dogs of the 1990s.

Soccer (1985 video game)

is a video game produced by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo as part of its Sports Series for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released in Japan in 1985, in the United States at launch in 1985 and in Europe in 1987. It was also released for the Family Computer Disk System in 1986. It is also available on the Virtual Console since June 12, 2014, to be bought from the Wii Shop Channel and the Wii U Nintendo eShop.

Soccer (disambiguation)

Soccer is a common shortened name of association football.

Soccer may also refer to:

  • Soccer (1985 video game), a game for the Family computer and Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Soccer (1991 video game), a game for the Game Boy
  • Soccer (dog), a Jack Russell terrier dog actor
Soccer (1991 video game)

(known in Europe as Football International) is a football video game with top-down perspective, developed by Tose for the Game Boy handheld, which was released in 1991.

Usage examples of "soccer".

Jimmy had just kicked the soccer ball downfield when he saw the policeman standing on the side, watching the game.

Outside an expat bar called the Fruity Ferret we saw a man in a rain-sodden tuxedo being head butted by a youth in a torn soccer shirt.

Sports buffs replaced baseball with falconry and polo in their Sunday afternoon television repertoire, and the big Thanksgiving game changed from football to soccer.

Jason making the soccer team, Karri was telling him that she had gotten the ball rolling on his extraction.

I started taking them to school, picking them up, driving them to the doctor, the orthodontist, soccer practice.

By that time, Paul had exhausted his wurst and finished the beer and moved on to the examination of a German soccer magazine, as though plumbers of distinction had nothing better to do than kill a Thursday afternoon.

Mandarin, and only had enough Spanish to follow soccer broadcasts when the Anglophone nets were preoccupied with baseball or hockey, but he thought he could get by long enough to land a job.

In front of the Bourse, a deaf-mute soccer team carried on conversation in obstreperous silence.

The soccer game was a scoreless tie between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

Books lined the shelves of bookstores like kids standing in a row to play baseball or soccer, and mine was the gangly, unathletic kid that no one wanted on their team.

They look a little like colonial volvox algae, or soccer balls exquisitely fashioned out of blown glass and bits of diamond.

Father, Avruhm and Chil sewed for the people of the camp and they coached the thriving soccer teams.

The rest of us talked about soccer and exams and the news from the rest of the family.

They spoke of an interregional soccer match, and of the possibility of work stoppage by the truck dispatchers.

She cried at movies, while reading schmaltzy books, and whenever Maxi made a goal during his soccer games-even if not very often.