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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
sob story
▪ a sob story about how she lost all her money
▪ He woke up finally from a nightmare of dismembered bodies and prison guards to find himself bathed in sweat and sobbing uncontrollably.
▪ I sensed his wavering and I began sobbing uncontrollably.
▪ Julie dropped the hammer and found she was sobbing uncontrollably.
▪ His brother, Antonio, shook and sobbed uncontrollably as he spoke.
▪ As she stumbled along the path, she began to sob.
▪ On this morning, he begins sobbing.
▪ Norman sank to his knees and began to sob piteously.
▪ I sensed his wavering and I began sobbing uncontrollably.
▪ Eleanor stifled a groan, put her hands over her face and began quietly sobbing.
▪ Hoc and his brother shrank back in momentary horror front the man dying at their feet; then Hoc began sobbing loudly.
▪ She began to sob and moan.
▪ Bobby grabbed hold of his hand and held it tightly: Minton turned his face to the wall and began to sob.
▪ As he approached Quigley, Quigley started to sob.
▪ And then I started to sob.
▪ She started to sob, slowly at first, then harsher.
▪ She apologized, but fifteen seconds later she started sobbing again.
▪ And one time we sat there and he started to sob.
▪ She started to sob out loud.
▪ Jay had somehow manoeuvred me into the room by now and at the sight of me Martha started sobbing even more.
▪ "Please don't leave me," he sobbed.
▪ My mother was sobbing uncontrollably.
▪ The child covered her face with her hands and started to sob uncontrollably.
▪ The sound of her sobbing kept them awake all night.
▪ As she stumbled along the path, she began to sob.
▪ But Denver was shaking now and sobbing so she could not speak.
▪ Her parents were there, sobbing painfully, her younger brother, and older sister.
▪ Hysterically light with fear, I ran sobbing to my room.
▪ Leyland was sitting beside me, and he was sobbing, too.
▪ Manny, leaning against the side of the building, was holding Maryellen, who was sobbing loudly.
▪ She started to sob, slowly at first, then harsher.
▪ The sobbing woman is out of order, embarrassing, unreasonable.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sob \Sob\, n.

  1. The act of sobbing; a convulsive sigh, or inspiration of the breath, as in sorrow.

    Break, heart, or choke with sobs my hated breath.

  2. Any sorrowful cry or sound.

    The tremulous sob of the complaining owl.


Sob \Sob\ (s[o^]b), v. t. [See Sop.] To soak. [Obs.]


Sob \Sob\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Sobbed (s[o^]bd); p. pr. & vb. n. Sobbing.] [OE. sobben; akin to AS. se['o]fian, si['o]fian, to complain, bewail, se['o]fung, si['o]fung, sobbing, lamentation; cf. OHG. s[=u]ft[=o]n, s[=u]ftj[=o]n, to sigh, MHG. siuften, siufzen, G. seufzen, MHG. s[=u]ft a sigh, properly, a drawing in of breath, from s[=u]fen to drink, OHG. s[=u]fan. Cf. Sup.] To sigh with a sudden heaving of the breast, or with a kind of convulsive motion; to sigh with tears, and with a convulsive drawing in of the breath.

Sobbing is the same thing [as sighing], stronger.

She sighed, she sobbed, and, furious with despair. She rent her garments, and she tore her hair.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, "to cry with short breaths," probably of imitative origin, related to Old English seofian "to lament," Old High German sufan "to draw breath," West Frisian sobje "to suck." Related: Sobbed; sobbing.


late 14c., from sob (v.). Sob story is from 1913. Sob sister "female journalist who writes sentimental stories or advice columns" is from 1912.


Etymology 1 n. A cry with a short, sudden expulsion of breath. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) to weep with convulsive gasps. 2 (context transitive English) to say (something) while sobbing. Etymology 2

vb. To soak.

  1. v. weep convulsively; "He was sobbing inconsolably"

  2. [also: sobbing, sobbed]


Sob is a verb meaning cry. Sob and SoB may refer to:

  • Souls on Board, used in aviation transportation
  • S.O.B Society Of Bodybuilding (
  • Seventeen or Bust, a distributed computing project
  • Special Operations Battalion (SOB), an elite unit of the Croatian army
  • Society of Old Brooklynites
  • Son of a bitch, an insult or curse phrase
  • Sons of Ben (MLS supporters association)
  • Suggested Opening Bid, a term in auctioneering
  • Super Oralloy Bomb, a nuclear bomb
  • Senate Office Building
    • Dirksen Senate Office Building
    • Russell Senate Office Building
    • Hart Senate Office Building
  • S.O.B. Hill, a mountain in Utah, United States
  • Start of business, the start of the business day (as opposed to EOB)

Usage examples of "sob".

Chained again in his corner of the drafry t Vcell, Alec turned his face to the rough stone wall and sobbed until his chest ached.

When her last amigo had dropped to the ground, sobbing that he could not get up, she left him, taking eight pesos from his pocket.

Even Seri, usually level-headed and calm, had flung herself on Aris, sobbing wildly, in the first hours after.

Sheila broke off in a string of arrhythmic hiccups that gradually faded to sobs.

Pleading for mercy, calling on whatever god might hear them, they crawled through the darkness, sobbing, bedeviled on every side.

I was pushed into a line with the other spirits, who were again bemoaning their fate in a low sob.

She had ceased sobbing, but her trembling would not be stilled, and she shuddered afresh when he came closer to her, beseeching his forgiveness with a pathetic smile, yet shrinking the more.

And Boule de Suif still wept, and sometimes a sob she could not restrain was heard in the darkness between two verses of the song.

Her eloquent sighs and sobs soon told the caitiff he had nothing to fear.

A moment after the gentleman and his wife came back to their room, and I heard the loud voice of the one and the sobs of the other, but as he was speaking Walloon I did not understand what he said.

Holly lifted her right hand and stroked the bright stars at her throat with a look of total disbelief on her delicate features, then she choked and sobbed and turned to Centaine and -embraced her.

Dorian stared at him in horrified disbelief, and Yasmini choked back her sobs: her brothers and other kin must be among the dead.

I ditched my scuba set in the water for Angelo to recover, shrugging out of the harness, and when I scrambled over the side, Chubby had laid her on the floorboards and he was leaning over her, folding her in his arms to quieten her struggles and still her moans and sobs of agony.

On a half sob and a hiccough combo, she rose to her feet and let Charmaine in.

For he was sure it was Felicia and not her mother who was sobbing, though he knew Lady Coombs was suffering silently.