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Varick D. Smith, better known as Smitty, is an American rapper and hip-hop ghostwriter from Little Haiti, a neighborhood in Miami, Florida.

Smitty (comic strip)

Smitty was a popular newspaper comic strip created in the early 1920s by Walter Berndt. Syndicated nationally by the Chicago Tribune New York News Syndicate, it ran from November 29, 1922 to 1973 and brought Berndt a Reuben Award in 1969.

Smitty (disambiguation)

Smitty may refer to:


  • Smitty, stage name of American rapper Varick D. Smith
  • William Smitty Pignatelli (born 1959), American politician
  • Edward "Smitty" Smith (born 1980), American lawyer and government administrator
  • Marvin Smith (born 1961), American jazz drummer and composer
  • on-air nickname of Mike Smith (presenter) (1955-2014), English television and radio presenter
  • Mike "Smitty" Smith (1942-2001), a former drummer with Paul Revere & the Raiders
  • William "Smitty" Smith (1944-1977), Canadian musician

Other uses:

  • Smitty (comic strip), a nationally syndicated comic strip from 1922 to 1973
  • smitty, AIX UNIX System Management Interface Tool