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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
slim/slender build
▪ She was very strong despite her slender build.
▪ However, humanity could survive a glacial; its chances of surviving a runaway greenhouse effect are much more slender.
▪ She would pave the way for a much more slender ideal: the flapper.
▪ Terry, who was taller, and far more slender, would look much better in classic lines.
▪ A taller, more slender can was a tumbler.
▪ The teeth are longer and more slender than in any other crocodilian.
▪ Film stars and fashion models became more slender because their angles photographed better on screen and in magazines.
▪ Naturally, one can use such counter-parallelisms in many other ways, using more dissonant-type chords, or a more slender texture.
▪ The male of the species tends to be slightly smaller and more slender than the female.
▪ Some species have very slender branches.
▪ They had graceful, slender bodies, tapering into root-like shapes where a Human would have ankles and feet.
▪ Hilda wandered around muttering, her already slender body now thin to transparency.
▪ His heart beats faster and once a trembling goes through his slender body like unbearable expectation.
▪ Ro snakes his slender body from under the makeshift table.
▪ Of Isabel lying soft and pliant in his arms, her slender body pressed to his.
▪ The slender body befitted the new aesthetic of the modern con-sumer age, also light and streamlined.
▪ Her slender body was untidily bundled up in a big leathery jacket and she was wearing long, shiny red boots.
▪ Left: The Black Striped Rasbora is built for speed with elongated fins to match its slender body form.
▪ Her gown was long, emphasising her slender figure, and starkly black.
▪ Soon, society women were wearing slinky dresses that favored a more small-breasted, slender figure.
▪ The slender figure rose from the chair, and flung back its veil.
▪ And almost immediately she'd felt the forceful beam of Ross's hard grey eyes sweeping over her slender figure.
▪ But nowhere in the throng could Sara see Jenny's fair hair and slender figure.
▪ His slender figure was plunged first into light then into shadow as he passed before the slitted windows.
▪ She saw the glint of a silver helmet and the slender figure of a Woman.
▪ A wool dress sculpted her slender figure and ended at mid-thigh.
▪ She ticks them off, one by one, on her long slender fingers.
▪ Idly she traced the pattern of the marble-topped table with a slender finger.
▪ Lissa's slender fingers curled into fists at her sides.
▪ She returned to the letter in her hand, turning it over in her slender fingers before opening it.
▪ Long slender fingers, wedding ring, and a huge ruby on another ring.
▪ Claudia gave up without a struggle to the sensations that were shaking her slender form.
▪ Long, slender legs showed beneath the swirling pleats of a school skirt.
▪ Experts said its long, slender legs suggest it was a fast runner.
▪ She wore a pale pink dress that swirled around slender legs and her hair was caught back with a matching headband.
▪ First you were a little girl and then you were a teenager with long silvery-fair hair and long, slender legs.
▪ She walked ahead of me on the narrow path; she had slender legs and pretty ankles.
▪ Sweetly pretty, in her full flowered dress that hung in soft folds around her slender legs.
▪ He imagined her long slender legs that would end in a delicious warm triangle.
▪ She was a thin, slender woman, somewhere in the further reaches of middle age.
▪ She is a slender woman with a pixy haircut.
▪ A tall, slender woman moved into the room from the kitchen, wearing an apron.
slender white candles
▪ A spider was hanging from a slender thread.
▪ Gabriel was a tall slender young man with a light brown moustache.
▪ Mandy was slender and very fair with long golden hair.
▪ She had long, slender expressive hands, like a concert pianist.
▪ The Democrats had only a slender majority in Congress.
▪ The path led through the slender birch trees.
▪ The pictures are held in place by three slender brass rods.
▪ The third quarter's slender profit was still an improvement on previous results.
▪ Clare could see more rusty chain around the slender, peeling, silver trunk of a nearby birch tree.
▪ Film stars and fashion models became more slender because their angles photographed better on screen and in magazines.
▪ Her slender body was untidily bundled up in a big leathery jacket and she was wearing long, shiny red boots.
▪ It has a slender torpedo-shaped body with slightly elongated finnage.
▪ She was beautiful, too: tall and slender, effortlessly and unselfconsciously elegant, even in her muddy farm clothes.
▪ The girl's body was curved and slender and my hands were straying to the ribbons on her bodice.
▪ The tall, slender man and his goofy wife had been guests in the family compound.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Slender \Slen"der\, a. [Compar. Slenderer; superl. Slenderest.] [OE. slendre, sclendre, fr. OD. slinder thin, slender, perhaps through a French form; cf. OD. slinderen, slidderen, to creep; perh. akin to E. slide.]

  1. Small or narrow in proportion to the length or the height; not thick; slim; as, a slender stem or stalk of a plant. ``A slender, choleric man.''

    She, as a veil down to the slender waist, Her unadorned golden tresses wore.

  2. Weak; feeble; not strong; slight; as, slender hope; a slender constitution.

    Mighty hearts are held in slender chains.

    They have inferred much from slender premises.
    --J. H. Newman.

    The slender utterance of the consonants.
    --J. Byrne.

  3. Moderate; trivial; inconsiderable; slight; as, a man of slender intelligence.

    A slender degree of patience will enable him to enjoy both the humor and the pathos.
    --Sir W. Scott.

  4. Small; inadequate; meager; pitiful; as, slender means of support; a slender pittance.

    Frequent begging makes slender alms.

  5. Spare; abstemious; frugal; as, a slender diet.

    The good Ostorius often deigned To grace my slender table with his presence.

  6. (Phon.) Uttered with a thin tone; -- the opposite of broad; as, the slender vowels long e and i. [1913 Webster] -- Slen"der*ly, adv. -- Slen"der*ness, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1400, earlier sclendre (late 14c.), probably from a French source, often said to be from Old French esclendre "thin, slender," which could be from Old Dutch slinder, but the connections, and even the existence of these words, is doubtful. Related: Slenderly; slenderness.


a. thin; slim.

  1. adj. being of delicate or slender build; "she was slender as a willow shoot is slender"- Frank Norris; "a slim girl with straight blonde hair"; "watched her slight figure cross the street" [syn: slight, slim]

  2. very narrow; "a thin line across the page" [syn: thin]

  3. having little width in proportion to the length or height; "a slender pole"

  4. small in quantity; "slender wages"; "a slim chance of winning"; "a small surplus" [syn: slim]

  5. gracefully slender; moving and bending with ease [syn: lissome, lissom, lithe, lithesome, supple, svelte, sylphlike]


Slender may refer to:

  • Gracility or slenderness

Usage examples of "slender".

Though a bit slender for his taste, she was nevertheless rounded in all the right places and had enough height to accommodate his enormous frame.

The slender shafts supporting the arches are well grouped and contrasted.

Even Bardel could see the boy trembling in anticipation of punishment, saw too that the outlanders had taken a liking to the slender child.

The river was full of logs--long, slender, barkless pine logs--and we leaned on the rails of the bridge, and watched the men put them together into rafts.

Shada said, running a finger along her slender wineglass as the Imperials summoned the bartender over.

She was dark and willowy, her fingers long and slender: far more the Belter stereotype than Alice Jordan.

The enticingly slender nose, the elegant cheekbones, and the delicate structure of her winsome face in its entirety were admirable enough to bestir the heart of many of his gender, but it was her large, silkily lashed dark eyes, slanting ever-so-slightly upward beneath gracefully sweeping brows, that revived images of the young, gangly sprite she had once been.

A single slender path of blossomy clouds crossed this sky, like feathers left behind.

Venetian galley but more beam, and her long graceful stern and slender bowsprit was emphasized by comparison with the clumsy, apple-cheek bows of the ships of war near by.

The roof at the far end contained a hole below which in a minute courtyard there grew two laurel trees, very slender and branchless until they poked out of the hole to drink up a little sun.

Before us opened a hall of considerable size, consisting of three distinct vaults, defined by two rows of pillars, slender shafts resembling tall branchless trees, the capital of each being formed by a branching head like that of the palm.

With her stand two others, plates in hand-a brown-haired youth as tall as Brede and a slender black-haired girl taller than Kadara.

Zechtior Lukin studied them calmly, staring at their long shining bodies, their many-faceted eyes, their segmented orange breathing-tubes, their jutting beaks, their six slender bristly limbs.

The largest were the brotulids, ranging up to a yard long, with big heads tapering aft to slender, pointed tails.

The maguey was a warrior of the plant world, not only because its tall, slender leaves rose like a bunch of spears, but because of the power of its nectar and the uses of its flesh.