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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lissom \Lis"som\, Lissome \Lis"some\ (l[i^]s"s[u^]m), a. [For lithesome.]

  1. Limber; supple; flexible; lithe; lithesome.

    Straight, but as lissome as a hazel wand.

  2. Light; nimble; active.
    --Halliwell. -- Lis"some*ness, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1800, variant of lithesome.


a. lithe; quick and graceful in movement alt. lithe; quick and graceful in movement


adj. gracefully slender; moving and bending with ease [syn: lissom, lithe, lithesome, slender, supple, svelte, sylphlike]

Usage examples of "lissome".

The lissome figure of the drably clad woman wavered before her audience.

Bayer put mayapple vinegar on his legs for the sunburn, and he fell asleep listening to the breeze in contest with a lissome Norway pine.

Her memory served up a scene from a porn cassette, lissome young Cow Patty with her lunging pony, and now the little studhorse seemed shoddy goods.

She made a brave figure in the flood of sunlight that poured through the gules and azures of the long blazoned windows, her tall, lissome figure clad in a close-fitting robe of black velvet, her abundant glossy black hair rolled back under its white coif, her black eyes and scarlet lips detaching from the ivory of her face, in which no trace of emotion showed, for all the anxiety that consumed her.

Her thighs were lissome, lightly tanned as if someone had gently brazed them over a fire.

He glanced over at Rook, admiring the lissome grace her red-and-blue racer's bodysuit showed off.

The dancer’s bare flesh was ungenerously draped with soft, sleek, and translucent chiffons of many colors, secured at various strategic points of her lissome form by glittering gem-faced catches.

Even in uniform Kay Summersby looked like the fashion model she had been before the war: tall, lissome, with a seductive high-cheekboned face and big eyes that glinted selfassurance.

He was charmed by the pale face, the lissome figure, draped in pearl grey, with a coiled string of pearls at the throat.

This lissome young thing was passing among the aisles, where her physical attributes were frankly admired by the two from behind their mirrored sunglasses.