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The Collaborative International Dictionary
sleeping lizard

Stump-tailed \Stump"-tailed`\, a. Having a short, thick tail.

Stump-tailed lizard (Zo["o]l.), a singular Australian scincoid lizard ( Trachydosaurus rugosus) having a short, thick tail resembling its head in form; -- called also sleeping lizard.

Usage examples of "sleeping lizard".

The larva's movements were as slow as the pulse in a sleeping lizard's throat, but when its head lifted slightly Ilna caught the needle-sharp flash of the jewel she'd come for.

Mother Duck grumbled under her breath as she stormed off around the sleeping lizard.

An image formed of the intricately carved game piece that resembled the sleeping lizard.

A lithe serpent of a ship, its mast lowered aft from its steppings, clearing the gaunt body for action, while it swayed gently to its mooring like a sleeping lizard, graceful and harmless.