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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
happy slapping
slap bang
▪ I ran slap bang into a lamp-post.
▪ Like a great black stone slapped down upon the great wei chi board of Chung Kuo.
▪ When the wind is adverse, the flat-bottomed scow bucks straight across the waves, catching air and slapping down hard.
▪ They want the Prime Minister to use the Conservative Party conference next week to slap down this turbulent priest.
▪ The wind seemed to lift up the boathouse roof, holding it briefly, then letting it slap down hard.
▪ Your leading hand slaps down on the punch as you simultaneously punch over the top and into the opponent's face.
▪ Those state pols who think they deserve more money than most of the voters they represent deserve to be slapped down.
▪ The spent kick slaps down near your leading foot and you hook it away with the crook of your ankle.
▪ You never smile, you slap down all attempts at help or friendliness.
▪ She slapped him on the back.
▪ He slapped my back and said, Maybe so.
▪ Forbes slapped me on the back.
▪ He slapped my back, slapped my butt, then kneaded my flesh.
▪ She intended to slap Elisabeth on the back, but she was too late.
▪ Jack said, and he slapped Streeter on the back of the head with his gun hand.
▪ His father managed to clear the obstruction by slapping Christopher on his back 7 times.
▪ He rushed over and slapped me on the back as I lifted a highball to my lips.
▪ She lay on her bed and after a while heard Betty come in again, slapping at her cheeks and arms.
▪ As hard as he could he slapped himself across his cheek with an open hand.
▪ If some one slaps your left cheek then you slap his right, only harder.
▪ It seemed like just another insult, but this was the one that finally got the bully's face slapped.
▪ Suddenly her hand lashed out and slapped his face.
▪ A hand raised to slap would send her into hysterical giggles; she knew it would never be delivered.
▪ She bunched up the guilty hand that had slapped Becky and put it under her pillow.
▪ As Jess passes by Jody, the coach extends her hand to be slapped.
▪ These use the cupped palm of the hand to slap an incoming punch either down or to one side.
▪ Stephen felt the palm of his hand itch to slap her face.
▪ Your leading hand slaps down on the punch as you simultaneously punch over the top and into the opponent's face.
▪ He slaps his knee and sits up.
▪ MacLane slapped his open palm lightly with a leaded length of rubber hosepipe.
▪ After the customary slapping of palms and the praising of the salesman over the firm loudspeaker, Stone informed Ranieri.
▪ The captain slapped her palm on the desk with a sound like a breaking plate.
▪ I slapped gently at the sides of her face, without much success, while Miss Hinkle produced a glass of water.
▪ He slapped her on the side of the head and she took half a swing at him.
▪ Incoming swells curled around the island and slapped them from both sides at once, sometimes washing all the way over them.
▪ A cash offer of 605p for each Pearl share has been slapped on the table with a loan note alternative.
▪ When the dealer busted, she yelped and slapped the table.
▪ Harrick furiously slapped the press table and raged at referee Mark Reischling.
▪ Long gourds are the preferred form for slapping against the thighs.
▪ He did not kno., v that he had made a joke until he saw Mel slapping his thigh and laughing.
▪ I had to slap my thigh and cavort around.
▪ He slapped his enormous thighs and laughed some more.
▪ Some one, somewhere, must speak for golf - and maybe slap a few wrists.
▪ Dora slapped his face and ran home.
▪ I was so angry I wanted to slap him.
▪ Mrs. Williams slapped the children's hands away from the candy.
▪ She slapped him across the face and stormed out of the room.
▪ A hand raised to slap would send her into hysterical giggles; she knew it would never be delivered.
▪ He slapped my back and said, Maybe so.
▪ I think she had a feeling I might suddenly leap up and start slapping her around.
▪ She slapped a bubble-syringe into the hair at the base of the girl's neck where the mark wouldn't show.
▪ She slapped me when I tried to wipe it up, but I swear she winked at me.
▪ She lay on her bed and after a while heard Betty come in again, slapping at her cheeks and arms.
▪ That hurt him almost as much as when I slapped his face for not letting me escape.
▪ The steam, the heat, rose up and slapped her in the face.
▪ I've seen her chop heads and she's given me a few slaps in the past.
▪ The fat lady gave his shoulder a slap and he was off, moving tipsily in the direction of Hard.
▪ A girl in an apple-green school tunic advanced on me, her hand raised as if to give me a slap.
▪ They just gave him a slap on the wrist then and that enabled him to go out and kill my husband.
▪ The man said something and they all laughed, the woman giving him a mock slap on the arm.
▪ He was not averse to giving slaps and pushes when he considered them necessary.
▪ It's high time he was given a verbal slap.
▪ If you don't behave yourself, you'll get a slap!
▪ Sheila woke Ted up with a slap across the face.
▪ A slap on the neck brought him rudely out of his trance.
▪ It could have been a slap.
▪ The harsh question was like another slap in the face.
▪ The sounds of thuds, screams and slaps come from below.
▪ There was a starchy department head exchanging low fives and complicated hand slaps with a kid who barely reached his knee.
▪ They struggled until slaps and blows stopped them.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Slap \Slap\, n. [OE. slappe; akin to LG. slappe, G. schlappe; probably of imitative origin.] A blow, esp. one given with the open hand, or with something broad.


Slap \Slap\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Slapped; p. pr. & vb. n. Slapping.] To strike with the open hand, or with something broad.


Slap \Slap\, adv. [Cf. LG. slap, G. schlapp. See Slap, n.] With a sudden and violent blow; hence, quickly; instantly; directly. [Colloq.] ``The railroad cars drive slap into the city.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 15c., "strike with the open hand," from slap (n.). As an adverb, 1670s, "suddenly;" 1829, "directly." Related: Slapped; slapping.


mid-15c., probably of imitative origin, similar to Low German slappe, German Schlappe. Figurative meaning "insult, reprimand" is attested from 1736. Slap-happy (1936) originally meant "punch-drunk." Slap on the wrist "very mild punishment" dates from 1914.


adv. exactly, precisely n. 1 A blow, especially one given with the open hand, or with something broad and flat. 2 The sound of such a blow. 3 (context slang uncountable English) makeup, cosmetics. vb. 1 To give a slap. 2 To cause something to strike soundly. 3 To place, to put carelessly.

  1. n. a blow from a flat object (as an open hand) [syn: smack]

  2. the act of smacking something; a blow delivered with an open hand [syn: smack, smacking]

  3. [also: slapping, slapped]

  1. adv. directly; "he ran bang into the pole"; "ran slap into her" [syn: bang, slapdash, smack, bolt]

  2. [also: slapping, slapped]

  1. v. hit with something flat, like a paddle or the open hand; "The impatient teacher slapped the student"; "a gunshot slapped him on the forehead"

  2. [also: slapping, slapped]

Slap (song)

"Slap" is the fourth single from Ludacris' fifth album Release Therapy (2006).


Slap or Slapping may refer to:

  • Slapping (strike), a method of striking with the palm of the hand
  • Slapping (music), a musical technique used with stringed instruments
  • Slap tonguing, a musical technique used on wind instruments
  • Slap (professional wrestling), an attack in professional wrestling
  • Slap, Tržič, a Slovenian municipality
  • Slap!, a 1990 album by English band Chumbawamba
  • "Slap" (song), a 2006 song by American musician Ludacris
  • Saboted light armor penetrator, a family of ammunition designed to penetrate armor more efficiently than standard armor-piercing ammunition
  • SLAP tear, a tear of the superior glenoid labrum from anterior to posterior

Usage examples of "slap".

Both these jobs, the mast and the se acock demanded that the boat be taken to a yard, but if I did that I risked some lawyer slapping a lien on her.

They winced when High Magus Adad slapped Marduk smartly across the face before setting the mitered crown on his head.

His hand slapped the panic button, sounding an alarm throughout the admin building.

By the time slaps on the back and a glass of water had been applied, Agatine was calm again.

Turning Alec loose, he sent him on his way with a resounding slap on the back.

Others milled happily around Alec, slapping him with their plumed tails and sniffing hopefully at the swans hanging at his saddlebow.

Both Arak and Sufa slapped their hands over their mouths in a vain effort to contain their laughter.

Her voice trailed off and Arra scowled out at the road, her frown deepening slightly at each slap of the windshield wipers.

Someone had slapped a careless coat of paint onto the walls, in a nursery-school pink that was no doubt supposed to make arrestees less likely to start fights.

He slapped his thigh and looked across to where Asch was staring into the fire, waiting for the kettle to boil.

He squirmed around the seat, slapped his fist against the car door, chewed at the cigar stump parked in the corner of his mouth, and made noises in the back of his threat which Asey decided were meant to indicate his, general state of incredulity.

Kate slapped her hand over her mouth as she realized how utterly asinine that sounded.

Five days had passed since the wizard had run the axolotls through the poultice, and Professor Wurzle was fit as a fiddle, as he liked to say while slapping himself on the chest.

Unbalanced by the wrenching change as his boot slapped onto a level surface, Arithon flung out his bandaged palm to catch himself short of a fall.

They banded my wrists, slapped a cortical come-along to my temple, and hurried me into the holding box in the rear of the vehicle.