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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ There will be four disciplines: Downhill, super G, giant slalom and slalom.
▪ Janir had slalom, giant slalom and downhill skis, all top-of-the-line models replaced every year or two.
▪ But until she improves her ability in slalom and giant slalom, she lacks the versatility to take the big prize.
▪ After placing third in the giant slalom, she blew the slalom altogether by missing a gate on her first run.
▪ An international canoeing area with a 460-metre white-water slalom course will be on the other side of the barrage.
▪ During the holiday we did a slalom course and we were all timed and given certificates according to what we got.
▪ The £28 fee includes refreshments and lunch, classroom sessions and use of the slalom course for practical experience.
▪ There is also an international canoe slalom course and water ski lagoon with cable ski tow.
▪ Close to 2 million people now enjoy the sport, which combines elements of skateboarding and surfing into a high-speed slalom.
▪ Each year the Lake Eldora team staged a dual slalom between parents and racers.
▪ It was like a slalom down there.
▪ Keen skiers are taken through the turning techniques, slalom and bumps.
▪ Much of the equipment used at today's slalom is of no or very limited use for anything other than slalom.
▪ Remember us when you win the slalom Olympic gold.
▪ The slalom kayak is fragile, uncomfortable and with unforgiving edges.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1921, from Norwegian slalam "skiing race," literally "sloping track," from sla "slope" + lam "track" (related to Norwegian laan "a row of houses;" compare lane).


n. 1 (context uncountable sports English) The sport of skiing in a zigzag course through gates. (Often used attributively) 2 (context uncountable English) Any similar activity on other vehicles, including canoes and water skis. 3 (context countable sports English) A course used for the sport of slalom. 4 (context countable sports English) A race or competition wherein participants each perform the sport of slalom. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To race in a slalom. 2 To move in a slalom manner

  1. n. a downhill race over a winding course defined by upright poles

  2. v. race on skis around obstacles


To slalom is to zigzag between obstacles. It may refer to:

Slalom (video game)

Slalom is a skiing video game in which the player races in a series of downhill slalom runs while navigating past flags and obstacles before time expires. It was developed by Rare and first released by Nintendo for the Nintendo VS. System in 1986. It was then released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in North America in March 1987 and in Europe later that year. The game was developed by Tim and Chris Stamper and its music was composed by David Wise.

Slalom was the first NES game developed outside Japan and the Stamper brothers' first game released under the Rare brand. Reviews from the 1980s found Slalom unrealistic, but largely appreciated its graphics and animations. In contrast, AllGame retrospective review called the game poorly made and rushed. Slalom was released in Rare's 2015 Rare Replay compilation for Xbox One.

Slalom (film)

Slalom is a 1965 Italian comedy film directed by Luciano Salce and starring Vittorio Gassman.

Usage examples of "slalom".

Just when it seemed the gunner had the T-34 in his sights, the Russian skidded, turned full to the side like a slalom skier kicking up dirt instead of snow, then raced across the center line back to the right in an extraordinary zigzag.

He had just started to slalom when he went too far to the side and hit the unwaxed portion.

Setting up your car for the street is different from a slalom, autocross, rally or modified production racing set-up.

Look for competitive events such as slaloms, autocrosses, rallys and racing schools that will allow you to find the limits of your car and yourself, safely.

He swung round a splayed clump of black pentangular pillars, then used a mushroom-like industrial refinery to slalom again.

Judd slalomed past shocked motorists who had come to a standstill, and disappeared down an alley.

It righted itself as it slalomed into the parking lot and then crunched partially through the low stone wall overlooking a sheer cliff that fell all the way to the Potomac.

She climbed and slalomed the mountainous whitecaps on her journey outbound from Clapboard Island.

Colo, would no longer exist -- and the psychic alterations of this change would be massive in the world of commerce: Fat City Ski Fashions, the Fat City Slalom Cup, Fat City Music Festival, Fat City Institute for Humanistic Studies.

The lumbering bagos and top-heavy four-wheelers form a moving slalom course for Him on his black motorcycle.

The boat did a seam-stretching giant slalom run around three more large slate-colored mounds.

The tires squealed, the car shot forward, and he whipped from lane to lane, as if trying to make a car do what an Olympic skier could accomplish in a giant slalom.

She ran a slalom course, jagging left and right through fields of fire, and made it to the safety of the barracks just short of a violent blast that took out the area she'd left behind.