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Skyhigh (manga)

is a Japanese manga which spawned a popular live-action TV drama, starring Yumiko Shaku, and 2003 theatrical release starring the same actress in a big budget prequel to the TV series. The manga was written by Japanese manga author Tsutomu Takahashi. Published in December 2001, the 240 page graphic novel follows the story of Izuko, a beautiful and mysterious "Guardian of the Gate" to the Afterlife. Izuku guides troubled souls who pass through, presenting them with three choices: to ascend to Heaven to await reincarnation; to deny their death and wander the earth as a ghost, or to seek vengeance upon the person who caused their death or suffering—but the consequences of that, no matter how justified, is to be condemned to Hell.

Sequels include and . Both sequels were published while the series was in production and at the height of its popularity.

All three manga were published by Shueisha.