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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Batteler \Bat"tel*er\, Battler \Bat"tler\, n. [See 2d Battel, n.] A student at Oxford who is supplied with provisions from the buttery; formerly, one who paid for nothing but what he called for, answering nearly to a sizar at Cambridge.


Famulist \Fam"u*list\, n. [L. famulus servant.] A collegian of inferior rank or position, corresponding to the sizar at Cambridge. [Oxford Univ., Eng.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also sizer, at certain British universities, a student of limited means who received school meals for free, 1580s, from size (n.) in a specialized sense "ration, allowance for provisions."


n. (context British English) At certain universities, e.g. Cambridge and Dublin, a student who receives an allowance for his college expenses (a study grant); originally in return for serving other (paying) students.


At Trinity College, Dublin and the University of Cambridge, a sizar is a student who receives some form of assistance such as meals, lower fees or lodging during his or her period of study, in some cases in return for doing a defined job.

Usage examples of "sizar".

Saltmarsh is still a sizar, there is considerably more of him than there was a year ago.

Or perhaps she was with their friend Ananda, the sizar of the priest of Aeolis.

Or perhaps She was with their friend Ananda, the sizar of the priest of Aeolis.

All the while, the young sizar, Ananda, stared at Yama until he could contain his amazement no longer, and plunged into a breathless series of questions.

My master will die, and I will take his place, and begin to teach the new sizar, who will be a boy just like me.

This insult, received before his friends, was too much for the unlucky sizar, who, the very next day, sold his books, ran away from college, and ultimately, after having been on the verge of starvation once or twice, made his way to Lissoy.

Ernest was a small thing to what the average Johnian sizar had had to put up with.

Both Dunster and Saltmarsh arrived here as miserable sizars with no more meat on their bones than a February cow.

Gilded popinjays who pretend to scholarship and whose only virtue is that they provided employment for impoverished sizars was the consensus reached last Michaelmas, was it not?

The only other juniors he had been introduced to were all sizars and thus would be working.

And, assuming he made some other friends amongst the new intake of pensioners and sizars, what about them?

Master and his fellowship to the lowest group of sizars with earnest and devout proposals to halt this effort.

I doubt whether we can say so much of the Sizars and Bible clerks at our universities.

I knew fellow-commoners were better than sizars or pensioners, but that's fast work.

I certainly recall hearing stories in the combination room about this paragon amongst fellow-commoners who was more diligent than any sizar.