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SIU may refer to:

  • Southern Illinois University, a university system in Illinois, United States
    • Southern Illinois Salukis, the athletic program of Southern Illinois University Carbondale, the main campus of the above system
  • Salem International University, in West Virginia, United States
  • Shinawatra (International) University, in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Symbiosis International University, in India
  • Seafarers International Union of North America, an organization of labor unions
  • Special Investigations Unit, a police oversight agency in Ontario, Canada
  • Siuna Airport, in Nicaragua
  • Section of independent utility, a portion of highway in the United States Road System
  • Shake It Up, a Disney Channel TV series
  • Société Internationale d’Urologie
  • S.I.U. (film), a 2011 South Korean film

Siu may also refer to:

  • Xiao (surname), a demonym, from source of 4
  • Shao surname, from source of 7

Usage examples of "siu".

We then enter the house, present Siu Lan, and as the rich old man steps forward to take her, we murder him.

There may be a fight, so each of you, Char, Nyuk Moi and Siu Lan must be prepared to kill.

He had died under unspecified but mysterious circumstances in 1971, and Siu Ma took over the gang, which continued to grow and prosper.

There was no doubt that Siu Ma was very high in Kien's organization, very high indeed.

The machine pistol holstered on his broad leather belt was a jarring anachronism with his antique style of dress, but, Brennan reflected, was a sensible compromise with what was apparently Siu Ma's strongly developed sense of tradition.

Then he told them of the attempt to take him out following that interview, before he finally got around to giving them Siu Ma's name.

It was rapidly ceasing to be cost effective for the Mob to keep chasing him to recover his fee for his investigationand Siu Ma's people must have hit at him enough by now to have recovered a lot more face than he'd ever cost them.