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Simoun is originally an alternate spelling of simoom, but may also refer to following:

  • Simoom, a strong, dry, dust-laden local wind in Sahara, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and the Arabian Peninsula
  • Caudron Simoun, a 1930s aircraft
  • Simoun (anime), a Japanese animated TV series and its manga adaptations
  • Crisóstomo Ibarra, nicknamed Simoun(anthony), one of the main characters of El filibusterismo by José Rizal
  • Henri Simoun, Howard Rodman's pseudonym when working on The Six Million Dollar Man film adaptation
Simoun (anime)

is a Japanese anime television series that was broadcast in Japan in 2006. It ran for 26 weekly episodes from 3 April to 25 September.

A manga adaptation was published in three issues of Comic Yuri Hime. The manga shared the same characters and setting as the anime, but presented a different storyline. A second manga was serialised in Megami Magazine, with a radically different setting and a comic rather than serious and dramatic tone. There is also a two-volume light novel adaptation, which unlike the manga has a storyline close to that of the anime.

In May 2007, Simoun was licensed for release in North America by Media Blasters.

Usage examples of "simoun".

And so as it crossed the perimeter of the lawn, the Simoun was aimed like a runaway missile straight at the groundlings.