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signal fire

n. a fire set as a signal [syn: signal light]

Signal fire

Signal fire can refer to:

  • A smoke signal
  • "Signal Fire" (song), a 2007 song by Snow Patrol
  • Signal Fire Films, an independent film company
Signal Fire (song)

"Signal Fire" is a song from alternative rock band Snow Patrol, appearing on the soundtrack of the film Spider-Man 3, released on 24 April, 30 April, 2 May and 14 May 2007, depending on the region. It was the only single released from the soundtrack. The song was initially offered to Shrek the Third. It was recorded at Grouse Lodge and was produced by long-time Snow Patrol producer Jacknife Lee.

The single was released as a special web-shaped vinyl in the UK and Ireland, where it proved to be a success in the charts, reaching the Top 5 in both countries. However, critical reception towards the single was generally mixed, with one critic calling it "unoriginal". The music video for the song was nominated for the "Best Video from a Film" category at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2008, but it did not win.

Usage examples of "signal fire".

I might just as well start fishing and as long as we're running a smoke-signal fire, it can do double duty and I can smoke what we don't eat.

Brytta then ordered that more wood for yet another signal fire be laid high upon the towering spike to call the riders back should Wrg come fleeing out of the Dusk-Door.

No watchman blew a horn, or threw a torch onto a waiting heap of pitchpine to kindle a signal fire.

And should that happen, not only would the sons and daughters of Alera die point-lessly, fighting one another, but the division itself would be a signal fire to the enemies of the Realm—.