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n. (plural of sibling English)

Siblings (disambiguation)

A sibling is one of two or more individuals having one or both parents in common.

Siblings may also refer to:

  • Small integrin-binding ligand N-linked glycoproteins, such as dentin matrix acidic phosphoprotein 1
  • Siblings (The Middle), an episode of The Middle
  • Siblings (TV series), a BBC Three television series
Siblings (TV series)

Siblings is a BBC Three sitcom starring Charlotte Ritchie and Tom Stourton in the lead roles. Written by Keith Akushie, the show piloted on 7 August 2014. A second series was commissioned by the BBC on 10 September 2014, before the first series had finished airing, which begun broadcasting on 4 January 2016.

The last episode of the second series aired on 8 February 2016. It is currently unknown if the show will return for a third series. However if the series was renewed for a third series it would be aired on the new online version of BBC Three or be picked up from another network.

Usage examples of "siblings".

More siblings bearing distinctive Nitocris featuressoft eyes and narrow nosesrushed silently to move the car, seal the gate, and usher us inside.

Mothers and older siblings bent to tell wide-eyed clan daughters what honor or achievement each emblem represented.

There were silly tales that older siblings told their sisters, about mythical, primal inhabitants of Stratos, driven long ago from sight by the hominid invasion.

When her father had died, it had been the most impossible time in her life, and all that had kept her going was the thought that she had to protect her siblings, keep them happy and warm.

Every Sunday she brought her family to church, and every Sunday she sat ramrod straight, trying to act as if she wanted to dress her siblings in outdated frocks and breeches that were perilously worn in the knees.

After the first few attempts, her siblings had given up on trying to talk with her and had taken to leaving trays of food outside her door.

To Servilia, however, he was an absolute monster-loud, slow to learn, insensitive, and so pugnaciously quarrelsome that he had been a thorn in the side of his older siblings from the time he began to walk and talk.

And although Iza and her siblings had the same parents, neither Creb nor Brun had her medical knowledge.

All children born to the same woman were siblings, but only children of the same sex referred to each other with the more intimate term of brother or sister, and then only when they were young or in rare moments of special closeness.

When they tired of the game, they teased the girls, supposed to be tending crying younger siblings, until the girls started chasing them around or running to their mothers to complain.

Though only in his early twenties, Travis had four nieces and nephews and the advantage of watching his siblings strive to be good parents.

Damian looked up to see the last of his siblings standing in the doorway.

As the bus pulled away from the final stop, only Lioe and a trio of musicians, two towheaded young men who looked like siblings and a stocky, flat-faced woman, remained.

They accepted neither parents nor children, siblings nor grandparents into their silence.

I no longer had anything in common with parents or siblings, who, for reasons I cannot fathom to this day, regarded me as an oddity.