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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Shoot \Shoot\, n. [F. chute. See Chute. Confused with shoot to let fly.] An inclined plane, either artificial or natural, down which timber, coal, etc., are caused to slide; also, a narrow passage, either natural or artificial, in a stream, where the water rushes rapidly; esp., a channel, having a swift current, connecting the ends of a bend in the stream, so as to shorten the course. [Written also chute, and shute.]

To take a shoot, to pass through a shoot instead of the main channel; to take the most direct course. [U.S.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1790, "channel, trough," dialectal combination of chute and shoot (n.1).


n. 1 (alternative form of chute English) 2 (alternative form of shoot English)


Shute may refer :

  • Shute, Devon, a village in Devon, near Axminster
    • Shute Barton,a mediaeval manor house, located at Shute
  • Shute Harbour, in Australia
  • Shute Park (Oregon), a park in Hillsboro, Oregon
  • David Shute, British journalist
  • Denny Shute (1904 – 1974), an American golfer
  • Henry Shute (1856 - 1943), an American lawyer
  • Jenefer Shute, South African writer
  • John Shute (architect), English artist and architect
  • John Joseph Shute (1873 – 1948), a British officer, businessman and conservative politician
  • John W. Shute (1840 - 1922), American banker
  • Josias Shute, (1588 – 1643), English churchman
  • Nerina Shute (1908 - 2004), a British writer and journalist
  • Nevil Shute (1899 - 1960), Nevil Norway, a popular novelist and aeronautical engineer
  • Samuel Shute (1662 - 1742), Governor of Massachusetts Bay Province, and military officer who served under the Prince of Orange, afterward the Duke of Marlborough in the Netherlands
  • Shute Shield, a rugby union competition in Sydney, New South Wales

Usage examples of "shute".

Pewts father said it was a mersy if they dident both get into jale and she said she gessed the Shute boy was a trial to his father and mother and Pewts father he said he gessed the Watson boy was two.

Well we had lots of fun and bimeby i was poaring out sum powder out of the powder horn and all of a suddin they was a flash of litening and the next i knew i was in bed and father and mother and Cele and Keene and docter Perry and aunt Sarah and aunt Clark and Georgie was in the room, and i said what is the matter and mother began to laff and then to cry and Docter Perry he said you had better take her out and let her lie down, but mother she said she wood be all rite and docter he said you needent wurry Missis Shute, you coodent kill this boy with brik.

Annie said we have got some napkins tonite, and Frankie said we have got some little plates to put the butter on, and i saw them first, and Annie said we have got some new goblets two, so there, and Frankie run his tung out at Annie and she made up a face at him, and then father told them to stop and they stoped and mother and aunt Sarah turned red and Mister Robinson he looked auful sollum and Mister Fernald looked funny and then he looked at father an begun to laff and father laffed and then we all laffed as hard as we cood, and Mister Fernald he said, dont mind a bit Missis Shute, i have got children of my own, i like Mister Fernald.

Perry Molton and old Nat Shute and Gewett Swazie the committy, and old Bil Morrill with his hair curled under behind and Chick Chickerings father and mother and docter Goram, Nippers father and mother and Pricillas father and mother and lots of people and i thought father wasent coming but bimeby he come in with his new britches that he made Erl and Cutts give him and his boots blacked and aunt Sarah and Keene and Cele.

Thirsten said he wood give a dolar to know who the scowndril was whitch pluged those eggs, and father said i wish you cood Kimball, it is a outrage, and father looked auful funny, jest as he did when he scart old Ike Shute that time on the high school steps.

Beany got prety scart and bimeby we opened the door esy and hipered round Ikes house and ran rite into old printer and he grabed us both by the neck and holered i have got the misable cusses and he draged us out to the lite and Bill and Brad said it is George Shutes boy and Irv Watsons boy and they shook us up lively.

Shute and father said he was and the man said are you the man whitch put a old man on the trane at the depo and father said yes and i thougt the man wood give father a hundred dolars or a gold wach and father looked as if he thougt the man wood say noble man you have saved my fathers life, but the man looked mad and said well sir you did a prety smart thing to throw a helpless old man on to the rong trane and send him of 100 miles away from home and scart all his peeple most to deth becaus they thougt he was merdered and cost him 3 dolars to telegraf and stay all nite and if you dont know more then that you had beter soke your head.

Watson and Shute becaus he is older then me, but it was my shed and my sweatened water and my board and my barils and so i said my name shood come ferst and he got mad and took half of the things and went home.

My children, who are tall and wise, Stand by a tree with shutten eyes And seem to meditate or pray.

And when Mr Shute was pleased with himself his manner was apt to be of the breeziest.

Shute was pleased with himself his manner was apt to be of the breeziest.

This, then, could be the reason why Barkow and Shute were so anxious to acquire title to this piece of land, so anxious that they would have a man shanghaied and killed.

But cellars, now, they had trapdoors and coal shutes and things, didn’t they?