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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a shuddering halt (=one in which a vehicle shakes noisily as it stops moving)
▪ He slammed his foot on the brake pedal, bringing the truck to a shuddering halt.
I dread/hate/shudder to think (=I do not want to think about something bad)
▪ I dread to think what might have happened if we hadn’t found her.
shudder/wince at the memory of sth (=be upset by remembering something)
▪ She shuddered at the memory of her parents fighting.
sth screeches/shudders/skids/jolts to a halt (=a vehicle stops very quickly and noisily – used for emphasis)
▪ The car skidded to a halt and three men jumped out.
▪ It burst out of the tunnel in a gale of hot air and shuddered to a halt.
▪ Two blue carriages shudder to a halt beside me, and the train doors open.
▪ Isabel shuddered at the memory and wrapped her arms about her waist.
▪ He shudders still with the memory of the loss of his forefathers upon its scorching deserts and forbidding mountain-tops.
▪ Jack shuddered at the memory of Polly's stupid name.
▪ I shuddered at the memory of numerical computations and algebra.
▪ He shuddered at the thought of all the potential conflict situations ahead.
▪ I shuddered at the thought of sailing back to the peninsula the same way.
▪ Hong Kong government officials shudder privately at the thought of having to organise the allocation.
▪ It makes me shudder to read of a timber like teak being stained.
▪ My eardrums tickled, making me shudder, with her reaching for me.
▪ Leprosy probably makes you shudder as well, but how much do you know about it?
▪ Dave tried to kiss Julia but she shuddered and turned away.
▪ Fred shuddered as he brought the cup to his mouth.
▪ I shuddered to think of my son all alone in New York.
▪ Our house was so close to the railway that you could feel it shudder every time a train went by.
▪ The train shuddered to a halt at the station.
▪ Closing her eyes, she swallowed hard, shuddering violently.
▪ Dickinson, in shirt sleeves, shuddered.
▪ He shudders still with the memory of the loss of his forefathers upon its scorching deserts and forbidding mountain-tops.
▪ I shuddered when I heard the names: old hen, biddy, little old lady in tennis shoes.
▪ I held him in my arms as he clutched at me, then relaxed, then shuddered into sleep.
▪ She shuddered, and the light danced momentarily across the page, making Ben look up.
▪ She looked at it, shuddering, and picked it up by a corner.
▪ He could feel the house shudder.
▪ Frozen as she was, Ruth felt a shudder going down her spine.
▪ Each time she does this I feel a shudder of love at the exactness of this sleeping courtesy.
▪ She felt a shudder deep inside her.
▪ As she turned away from the house, into the lane, she gave a shudder of relief.
▪ Another gust of wind sent a sudden chill shudder through the sleeping body on the bed.
▪ It was the oriental gentleman who sat with them that sent the shudders down Doyle's spine.
▪ Still, he thought with a shudder, perhaps it was better than falling into the hands of those negroes out there!
▪ "Do you think he'll come back?" she asked with a shudder.
▪ "I can't even stand to be in the same room as him!" she said with a shudder.
▪ A series of shudders went through the ship as the mine exploded.
▪ A shudder raced through her as self-knowledge hit her hard.
▪ A shudder ran through her as she suddenly remembered one very valid point.
▪ As she turned away from the house, into the lane, she gave a shudder of relief.
▪ Frozen as she was, Ruth felt a shudder going down her spine.
▪ The soul abdicates quickly and the flesh abandons itself to shudders.
▪ The stone walls of our cottage groan and shudder as if tired of battling with the centuries of wind.
▪ With a shudder, Melissa returned to the hall.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Shudder \Shud"der\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Shuddered;p. pr. & vb. n. Shuddering.] [OE. shoderen, schuderen; akin to LG. schuddern, D. schudden to shake, OS. skuddian, G. schaudern to shudder, sch["u]tteln to shake, sch["u]tten to pour, to shed, OHG. scutten, scuten, to shake.] To tremble or shake with fear, horrer, or aversion; to shiver with cold; to quake. ``With shuddering horror pale.''

The shuddering tennant of the frigid zone.


Shudder \Shud"der\, n. The act of shuddering, as with fear.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., possibly from Middle Dutch schuderen "to shudder," or Middle Low German schoderen, both frequentative forms from Proto-Germanic *skuth- "to shake." Related: Shuddered; shuddering.


c.1600, from shudder (v.).


n. 1 A shivering tremor. 2 A moment of almost pleasurable fear; a frisson. vb. 1 (context intransitive English) To shake nervously, as if from fear. 2 (context intransitive English) To vibrate jerkily.

  1. n. an almost pleasurable sensation of fright; "a frisson of surprise shot through him" [syn: frisson, shiver, chill, quiver, thrill, tingle]

  2. an involuntary vibration (as if from illness or fear) [syn: tremor]

  3. v. shake, as from cold; "The children are shivering--turn on the heat!" [syn: shiver]

  4. tremble convulsively, as from fear or excitement [syn: shiver, throb, thrill]

Shudder (album)

Shudder is the fourth studio album by American rock band Bayside, released on September 30, 2008. Prior to its release, singer Anthony Raneri described the album as having a more alternative sound than their previous record The Walking Wounded. The title comes from a lyric in the track "I Can’t Go On".

On September 5, 2008, the album was leaked onto various file-sharing sites. The first single, "No One Understands", generated significant attention from fans through the band's MySpace page. The band had also played "I Think I’ll Be Ok" at shows during the summer of 2008.

Around September 22, 2008, the album was put up to stream on the band's MySpace page. On October 4, 2008, the music video for the song "No One Understands" was posted for viewing on the band’s official MySpace page.

"You’ve Already Been" was added as an iTunes bonus track, and later appeared on the Take Action! Vol. 8 compilation CD/DVD.

Usage examples of "shudder".

Then all the satisfaction she had derived from what she had heard Madame Bourdieu say departed, and she went off furious and ashamed, as if soiled and threatened by all the vague abominations which she had for some time felt around her, without knowing, however, whence came the little chill which made her shudder as with dread.

V With shudders chill as aconite, The couchant chewer of the cud Will start at times in pussy fright Before the dogs, when reads her sprite The streaks predicting streams of blood.

The helmsman answered, and the ship shuddered as it made the transition from full turns aft to full turns forward.

That thought, so ordinary for an airman on hectic days, made him shudder now that he was excluded from the life of the airfield.

The garment was filthy and soaked with blood at the neck, but Alec obeyed quickly, pulling it on with a shudder of revulsion.

The amorphous tissue shuddered and pulsed in a manner unlike anything that Timothy had seen it do before.

When Willett would mention some favourite object of his boyhood archaistic studies he often shed by pure accident such a light as no normal mortal could conceivably be expected to possess, and the doctor shuddered as the glib allusion glided by.

The floor of the ashram shuddered with the slam of a steel-reinforced door.

A sound like the moaning in squadrons over Asphaltites of unforgiven ghosts of Gomorrah, ran shuddering through the air.

I saw her shudder and tremble, and she turned pale with fear when I added that I would have avenged her by killing myself.

The left wing dropped low, and the aircraft began shuddering as Batman struggled to bring it under control.

Hamid-Jones shuddered as he thought of all the beheadings, amputations of right hands, and other statutory mutilations that had been carried out on the sinister Carpet of Blood.

She had ceased sobbing, but her trembling would not be stilled, and she shuddered afresh when he came closer to her, beseeching his forgiveness with a pathetic smile, yet shrinking the more.

He rubbed his hands, and the character of his joy was so evidently ferocious that de Beze shuddered: he saw the sea of blood his master was contemplating.

Harvath stood in the parking lot behind the Bierstube, he tried to find some way of keeping warm other than stomping his feet, which sent shudders of pain through his left side.