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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
shower gel
▪ And she had been special, Ruth gritted to herself as she rubbed her body liberally with shower gel.
▪ Do you know that this unique shower gel actually leaves your skin up to 28% smoother?
▪ Now he is more likely to ask for a body spray or shower gel.
shower gel

n. A commercial gel soap, used to wash oneself, especially in the shower.

Shower gel

Shower gel, shower cream, bodywash or body wash, is the general term for liquid products used for cleaning the body. Most commercial shower gels do not contain any soap, in the technical sense, although they are sometimes referred to as "soap", colloquially. Shower gel/bodywash is an emulsion of water and detergent base (derived from petroleum), usually with added fragrance, used as a skin cleansing agent in the shower or bath. It has advantages over soap because it is less irritating to the skin, lathers better in hard water areas and does not leave a mineral residue on the skin or in the bathtub after usage.