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"short pants," 1826, from short (adj.). Short-shorts is attested from 1946, originally men's briefs.


n. 1 (plural of short English)Category:English plurals 2 Pants worn primarily in the summer that do not go lower than the knees. 3 Underwear bottoms. 4 (context uncountable English) Remnants, clippings, trimmings of production processes. 5 The part of milled grain sifted out which is next finer than the bran. 6 Short, inferior hemp.

  1. n. trousers that end at or above the knee [syn: short pants, trunks]

  2. (usually in the plural) underpants worn by men [syn: drawers, underdrawers, boxers, boxershorts]


Shorts are a garment worn by both men and women over their pelvic area, circling the waist and splitting to cover the upper part of the legs, sometimes extending down to the knees but not covering the entire length of the leg. They are called "shorts" because they are a shortened version of trousers, which cover the entire leg. Shorts are typically worn in warm weather or in an environment where comfort and air flow are more important than the protection of the legs.

There are a variety of shorts, ranging from knee-length short trousers that can in some situations be worn as formal clothes to beachwear and athletic shorts. Some types of shorts are typically worn by women, such as culottes, which are a divided skirt resembling a pair of loose-cut shorts.

Shorts (disambiguation)

Shorts are a garment.

Shorts may also refer to:

  • Shorts (2009 film), a 2009 American film directed by Robert Rodriguez
  • Shorts (2013 film), a 2013 Bollywood film composed of five short films
  • Short films
  • Shorts, the common name for the British aerospace company, Short Brothers
  • Short circuits, a common electrical problem
  • Thales Air Defence, formerly Shorts Missile Systems
  • The Shorts, a pop group from the Netherlands
Shorts (2013 film)

Shorts is a compilation of five short films directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, Vasan Bala, Anubhuti Kashyap ( Anurag Kashyap's sister), Shlok Sharma and Gitanjali Rao. The five short films titled Sujata, Mehfuz, Audacity, Epilogue, and Shor were released on 12 July 2013.

The Gangs of Wasseypur trio – Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Huma Qureshi and Richa Chadda- teamed up again for the anothology co-produced by Guneet Monga and Anurag Kashyap, also featuring newcomers Murari Kumar, Arjun Srivasava, Satya Anand, Vineet Kumar Singh, Preeti Singh and Ratnabali.

Usage examples of "shorts".

Her everyday wardrobe consisted mostly of things that were comfortable to work in: jeans, shorts, T-shirts.

Sarah lingered over a picture of him lying on his back in the grass, wearing only a brief pair of denim shorts, holding Justin dangling over his head.

He was naked except for a brief pair of denim shorts, his body strong and well muscled, his legs the long, powerful limbs of an athlete.

He'd become used to her seeing him, and in her presence he could sit around wearing nothing but a pair of briefs or gym shorts, but he was still sensitive about his body with everyone else, Serena most of all.

She bought sexy lace panties and bras, wickedly seductive teddies, shorts and T-shirts that clung to her body, and a couple of bikinis that stopped just short of illegal.

Blake wore only a brief pair of blue gym shorts, and he'd tied his shirt around his forehead to keep the sweat from getting into his eyes.

He'd been on the bars all morning, literally dragging his feet along, and he was so wet with sweat that his dark blue shorts were soaked and clinging to him.

Then you started dressing in those thin shirts and shorts, and I thought I'd go out of my mind.

He wanted her to wear the slinky, seductive shorts she'd worn before, and his eyes glittered as he watched her pull them on.

His only remaining garment was a pair of jogging-style shorts, dark blue silk with white edging, which did nothing to hide his arousal.

The freedom afforded her by an old pair of shorts that she usually wore only while gardening, and a plain white sleeveless blouse with the tails tied in a knot at her midriff, made her breathe easier for the first time in days.

She’d been very casual about it, but she’d made her excuses to Diane, hauling herself out of the water, and swiftly dried off before pulling on a ragged pair of denim shorts that only accentuated her long lovely legs.

Martine, who was unbelievably gorgeous in a dazzling white knit top and white shorts that hugged her lithe figure and exhibited the golden length of her long, perfect legs, began good-naturedly trying to bring some sort of order to her children.

Even her clothing was plain and unadorned, though her beige shorts and simple blue cotton shirt didn't need any adornment other than the soft feminine curves beneath them.

He was sitting on the steps, wearing only the denim shorts, and Joe was lying on the grass at his feet.