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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Ironically, it is in some of these that the biggest shortfalls have been exposed.
▪ This week the council said the 7.5 percent pay rise given to teachers left them with an education budget shortfall of £2.5m.
▪ That uncertainty arose after a $ 10 million budget shortfall surfaced in July, days before the start of the school year.
▪ These revenue shortfalls at the state and local levels are largely filled by Federal transfers or grants.
▪ However, members have recommended taking £385,000 from other capital funds to the housing budget to cover the shortfall.
▪ Meantime, the tribe is looking for ways to cover the shortfall.
▪ But Kohl insists that no tax package can be approved until new ways are found to cover the shortfall in revenues.
▪ State lawmakers were criticized for failing to provide money to cover the shortfall.
▪ Some homeowners face four or five-figure shortfalls on their policies, meaning that their loans may not be repaid in full.
▪ Even with the supplemental supplies, the affected districts will face a predicted shortfall of 7. 5 million gallons a day.
▪ And if everyone followed it, the Government would find itself facing a severe shortfall.
▪ The planned figure at the start of the year was about £30 million, making the true shortfall around 25 percent.
▪ Then, if one market segment sags, others may make up the shortfall.
▪ We are interested in how to make good that shortfall.
▪ Yorkshire Television made good the shortfall and the Electricity Board set to work.
▪ However, in certain limited circumstances you can make voluntary contributions to make up a shortfall in a particular year.
▪ Therefore, the acquirer should obtain a covenant that the seller will make up any shortfall.
▪ After this, your payments will be increased to make up the shortfall.
▪ So Hinkley C and two further stations would be needed to make up the shortfall.
▪ The company would meet any shortfall between proceeds of sale and the amount of the bonds.
▪ If the remaining 5 percent come in, they go into an interest-bearing account to meet future shortfalls.
▪ But conservation measures could actually meet the shortfall in supply expected by planners.
▪ Once again, I understand this year over £1m has to be found again by Darlington Health Authority to meet this shortfall.
▪ The need for additional staff should be identified at the earliest opportunity after consideration of alternative means of meeting the shortfall.
▪ The agency is a valuable resource to meet staffing shortfalls or an unexpected increase in workload.
▪ More crucially, however, will she tell the House how the Government will meet the identified shortfall in community care funding?
▪ If they do not meet that shortfall, there will be a sorry start to the future system of community care.
▪ a 3% production shortfall
▪ Government aides predicted a $4 billion budget shortfall for this year.
▪ The center had projected a $38,000 shortfall for its $6.47 million budget.
▪ The districts affected by the drought will face a predicted shortfall of 7.5 million gallons a day.
▪ We've had to trim our budget to compensate for a $1.5 million shortfall in revenue.
▪ A DoH spokeswoman is confident that last year's 50 percent increase will help accommodate this year's shortfall.
▪ Cirrus had warned analysts to expect a significant shortfall.
▪ He noted that the city is facing a possible $ 50 million shortfall.
▪ He, himself, did not identity a shortfall in March 1992, the context for determining that appeal then.
▪ However, there is still a shortfall of £500,000 which has to be found before negotiations can be concluded.
▪ It follows the discovery of a shortfall in the Anfield books which was spotted by the club accountant.
▪ Its shortfall is in dealing with individuals, patients and physicians say.
▪ This compares with a $ 1. 5 million shortfall last year.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also short-fall, 1895; see short (adj.) + fall (v.).


n. 1 An instance of not meeting a quota or of having an insufficient amount. 2 The amount by which a quota is missed; the amount missing.


n. the property of being an amount by which something is less than expected or required [syn: deficit, shortage]

Usage examples of "shortfall".

As one aspect of their symbiotic affair, OPEC served the Mother Company by creating shortages when She wanted to build pipelines over fragile tundra, or block major governmental investment in research into solar and wind energy, or create natural gas shortfalls when pressing for removal of price controls.

The budget shortfalls of recent years have left us rather behind the times.

Big fights over those vines at the biotecture meetings, American ecologists screaming about possible nitrogen shortfalls.

And while this greatly improves our bond rating and the long-term economic outlook of the town, the net result is that in the short run, despite our belt-tightening, we are continuing to experience a revenue shortfall.

The drawdown of strategic missiles—mostly land-based ones for the United States—had radically reduced the number of available warheads, and, like planners everywhere, the Joint Strategic Targeting Staff, co-located with headquarters SAC, tried to make up for the shortfall in any way they could.

The Russians were pathetically dependent on American grain imports to make up the shortfalls on their own state farms.

If England's industrial output goes down, who'd step in to make up the shortfall?

He explained that the perp (they really do use that word) was operating exclusively in one-horse towns where budget shortfalls have forced the cops to deal only with the most serious and immediate problems .

Anti-tax crusader Richard Friedman says an MDTA study forecasts that, even with $466 million in committed subsidies, Dade's entire transit program will suffer a $148 million shortfall between now and 1999.