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Shirome (白女) was a minor female Japanese waka poet, who lived during the 10th century AD.

She was born in Eguchi, Settsu Province (摂津国江口, modern day Osaka) and thought to be a daughter of a minor aristocrat Settsunokuni Tamabuchi (摂津国玉淵). Her occupation was an asobi/yujo (遊女), which later in history meant a common prostitute however during Heian period (794-1185) it often referred to a woman who was trained in the art of singing and dancing - similar to the latter day Geisha. Her performance in front of an abdicated emperor is recorded in a book Okagami (大鏡), The Great Mirror, and other sources.

A poem of hers was included in the Kokin Wakashū:

If I were only sure I could live as long as I wanted to, I would not have to weep at parting from you.


Shirome (film)

Shirome ( シロメ White Eyes) is a 2010 J-Horror, "found footage" film, presented in the form of a documentary. The movie was written and directed by Kōji Shiraishi. Shiraishi also appears in a starring role within the film, playing himself, as do the six then-members of Momoiro Clover.