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n. (plural of shell English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: shell)

Shells (Angel)

"Shells" is episode 16 of season 5 in the television show Angel.

Usage examples of "shells".

The Shellmen return the shells and empty shell-boxes, if any remain on deck, to the shell-room.

In order to accustom the men to the use of loaded shells, they are frequently to be used in preference to shot.

For shells, the distances should suit the ranges of their fuzes, or time of burning, that the degree of certainty of explosion in direct or ricochet fire may be seen and noted.

Empty shells are to be stowed by themselves, unsabotted, in bulk, in a dry place.

Experiments show that firing two loaded shells together should never be practised.

This difference between loaded and empty shells is accounted for by the fact that a small hole is generally broken into the outer shell, through which its charge is ignited.

This fuze should be carefully explained to the men, as shells have been taken from guns with the cut made into the priming-magazine, which would explode them at the muzzle.

The shells of Schenkl and Hotchkiss have also been used, however, in the smaller calibres.

The fuze-holes of the heavy shells are cast larger than the diameter of the regular fuze-stocks of the navy, which can, however, be used with the aid of a bouching or an adapting ring, always sent with the shells.

It is therefore important that frequent examinations shall be made, even if no apparent injuries exist, as it is the opinion of the inventor of the guns that the principal, if not the only cause of failure of these guns in service, is due to the rupture of shells within the bore.

A platform balance, for weighing the projectiles used in proof, and for bringing the shells up to the standard weight.

He shall take care to note also the number of premature explosions of shells, and the point at which they take place, with the supposed causes thereof.

Parrott rifles have occurred where the guns have not been previously, or at the time, injuriously strained by the explosion of shells within the bore.

As many of the lightest shall be weighed separately as the inspecting officer may deem necessary, and all found to fall below the least weight allowed in the annexed table of the dimensions of shot and shells shall be rejected.

Rejected shells are to be mutilated by chipping a piece out at the fuze-hole.