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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a tweed/wool/sheepskin/leather coat
▪ I love her black leather coat.
▪ He was wearing a brown imitation sheepskin coat.
▪ He was still dark from his summer tan, and wore a short sheepskin coat and a shirt with an open collar.
▪ What emerged from this astonishing machine was Eric, wearing a wonderful sheepskin coat and boots.
▪ The woman wore a sheepskin coat that reached to her calves.
▪ A sheepskin coat was the skinhead status symbol.
▪ She stood up and shrugged the sheepskin coat from her shoulders, hanging it from the hook behind the door.
▪ Get your sheepskin if you want a good job.
▪ He was still dark from his summer tan, and wore a short sheepskin coat and a shirt with an open collar.
▪ In a basement sweatshop two men in their early 20s are sewing sheepskin waistcoats for the bazaar.
▪ Jakhaila Miracle Braxton is resting her 3-pound-something body on a tiny piece of sheepskin in an incubator at Mercy Hospital.
▪ M were able to immediately put their sheepskins to work.
▪ Many of the people walking had put on their wellingtons or sheepskin boots.
▪ The woman wore a sheepskin coat that reached to her calves.
▪ This time we had the welcome addition of a sheepskin backrest, an inflatable neck support and a selection of surgical collars.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sheepskin \Sheep"skin`\, n.

  1. The skin of a sheep; or, leather prepared from it.

  2. A diploma; -- so called because usually written or printed on parchment prepared from the skin of the sheep. [College Cant]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, "the skin of a sheep," from sheep + skin (n.). Meaning "diploma" dates from 1804; so called because formerly made of sheepskin parchment.


n. 1 (context uncountable English) The skin of a sheep, especially when used to make parchment or in bookbinding. 2 (context US countable English) A diploma. 3 (context countable English) The tanned skin of a sheep with the fleece left on, especially when used for clothing, rugs, etc.

  1. n. tanned skin of a sheep with the fleece left on; used for clothing [syn: fleece]

  2. skin of a sheep or goat prepared for writing on [syn: parchment, lambskin]

  3. a document certifying the successful completion of a course of study [syn: diploma]

Sheepskin (disambiguation)

Sheepskin is the hide of a sheep, sometimes also called lambskin or lambswool.

Sheepskin may also refer to:

  • Parchment, a thin material made from calfskin, sheepskin or goatskin
    • Diploma, originally made of sheepskin
  • Lambskin condom, condoms made from sheep intestines

Sheepskin is the hide of a sheep, sometimes also called lambskin. Unlike common leather, sheepskin is tanned with the fleece intact, as in a pelt.

Usage examples of "sheepskin".

At 0928 all four LVT waves were approaching the beach in line, not one of the 84 amphtracs falling behind more than a couple of lengths, their cupped tracks churning the blue water into curling sheepskins of white foam, their square bows throwing spray until everyone on board was drenched, but nobody cared.

The youngest was no older than Lan, a dim-looking, shaggy-haired youth mounted bareback on a pony that was just as shaggy, whose main article of clothing was a rough-sewn coat of sheepskin and hat and boots to match.

To grind the lenses, Brewster had to use fine sand and water from the stream, and to polish them he used hide and sheepskin.

Bonapartist straw mattress, wrapped in a burnouse of the Mountain, my feet in a Democratic and Socialist sheepskin, and my head in a Legitimist cotton nightcap.

Haddon Unit out of the crisp January air, unshouldering his sheepskin coat hastily as he encountered the wall of heat.

The four on this side are all workers, three of them in the service of the bailiff of Sir Baldwin Redvers, and the other, he with the sheepskin, is, as I hear, a villein from the midlands who hath run from his master.

McDermott had removed his sheepskin jacket and I saw the insignia of the Army Medical Corps, the serpent of Aesculapius, on his battledress.

The sheepskin was covered in lines of writing, and upon closer inspection, Rae recognized the script as a form of Aramaic, an ancient language from the time of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

A Cypriote does not mind them in his sheepskins, in which he will sleep even in the snow.

Georgios it was, sure enough, wrapped in a great sheepskin cloak such as Cypriotes wear in winter, and seated on the head of one of his own barrels.

Along the walls, on the benches, sat the trackmen, in their sheepskin coats and fur caps, with earlaps tied tightly down.

The company was completed by a peasant in a rude dress of undyed sheepskin, with the old-fashioned galligaskins about his legs, and a gayly dressed young man with striped cloak jagged at the edges and parti-colored hosen, who looked about him with high disdain upon his face, and held a blue smelling-flask to his nose with one hand, while he brandished a busy spoon with the other.

He was a rough, powerful peasant, with cap and tunic of untanned sheepskin, leather breeches, and galligaskins round legs and feet.

Here were slim, lethal Persians, dangerous-eyed Turks in mail shirts, lean Arabs, tall ragged Kurds, Lurs and Armenians in sweaty sheepskins, fiercely mustached Circassians, even a few Georgians, with hawk-faces and devilish tempers.

She danced around the room wearing Wolfs gift, a small sheepskin coat and matching snow boots.