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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sheeling \Sheel"ing\, n. [Icel. skj[=o]l a shelter, a cover; akin to Dan. & Sw. skjul.] A hut or small cottage in an exposed or a retired place (as on a mountain or at the seaside) such as is used by shepherds, fishermen, sportsmen, etc.; a summer cottage; also, a shed. [Written also sheel, shealing, sheiling, etc.] [Scot.]

Usage examples of "sheel".

Vergyl had distinguished himself in that conflict and had received two medals, which he had sent home to Sheel and his children.

He called out the names of his wife and children: Sheel, Emilio, Jisp, Ulana.

I have all the excuse I need to bring Sheel and my grandchildren here.

He had no doubt that Sheel was strong enough to do the same, under the guidance of the aged, increasingly frail Emil Tantor.

He had already spent time with old Emil Tantor, who was pleased to be sharing his lonely house with his daughter-in-law Sheel and her three children.

Thereafter Sheel came regularly to the house, accompanied by one guard or another.

Down Sheel, across the Forum, into Tan-tivvy and along that, titty-tup, titty-tup, all the way to the city edge and away northwest.

The way up Sheel Street was lengthy because of its many turnings as it wound back and forth across the hill.

Seeing his compact form disappearing down Sheel Street, I shook my head over the fate of the gamblers of Bloome.

We went out onto the dusty cobbles of Sheel Street, littered with torn banners and tangled worms of confetti.

You can have their sheeling for the time being, until you can get a house up.

The smoke of cook fires spiraled out of the exit holes in the sheeling roofs as the women began to cook their allotments of meal.

Then he began to dip the points in and stack the arrows against the side of the sheeling to dry.

Beth to his sheeling and they crawled inside through the low entryway.

Oswyl helped Malthus move his sheeling to the secluded spot he had chosen the next day.