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a. (en-superlativesexy)

  1. adj. marked by or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest; "feeling sexy"; "sexy clothes"; "sexy poses"; "a sexy book"; "sexy jokes" [ant: unsexy]

  2. exciting sexual desire [syn: aphrodisiac, aphrodisiacal] [ant: anaphrodisiac]

  3. [also: sexiest, sexier]


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Usage examples of "sexiest".

I need you all to think about what qualifications a man would need in order to be the sexiest man on earth.

It stars the famous former harem of coven master Roman Draganesti and some of the hunkiest, sexiest men in the vampire world!

Either Roberto of Buenos Aires or Adam of Wisconsin will win the title and become the Sexiest Man on Earth.

It was sheer black satin and covered her from neck to knee, but it fit her so closely that it was one of the sexiest things she had ever seen.

Dodge pulled out of the parking lot, Brooke locked up shop and grabbed an armful of the sexiest, most scandalous lingerie she could find in the shop to try on upstairs.

To his shameless disappointment, she pushed up the strap to her shoulder, but she did give him the sexiest pout of her lush lips he had ever seen.

With his miniskirted great-aunt itching to marry him off and her rifle-toting grandma ready to shoot Remy the second he sets foot on her land, the sexiest bad boy this side of the Mason-Dixon line will need a special kind of voodoo to win this new civil war.

And here he sat, twiddling his thumbs with make-work yard projects, babysitting the sexiest woman alive.

He caught her wrist midair and kept staring as if she were the sexiest woman on the planet.

Granted, he was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life, but that was still no excuse for my response to him.

Granted he was the sexiest, most handsome man I had ever met, but a stranger nonetheless and quiet possibly one of the most dangerous men I had ever known.

The teasing was the sexiest thing she could remember, and when his other hand brushed the side of her breast, she squirmed.

But instead, Seth had awakened her this morning in the sexiest way possible.

Logan, reeling, blindsided by Melody the quick-change artist, sexiest witch in Salem, as he followed her and Gardner down the hall.

No way would Gardner admit to being taken in by anyone, not even the sexiest witch in the East.